Karaoki Update 0.8.5633 Now Available For Download

Download the latest free update to PCDJ Karaoki (Version 0.8.5633)

Our best karaoke software solution for hosting karaoke shows just received another update to strengthen it’s core features. The update also includes a couple new features and feature tweaks with the goal to make Karaoki even easier to use.   Just like all updates we’ve posted for our karaoke software over the last 7 years — this update is free of charge to all users.

One of the new capabilities included in version 0.8.5633 is that you can now un-ban singers when using the SongbookDB remote request platform plugin with Karaoki.   We’ve also updated the SongbookDB support to ensure better overall stability and software communication — making Karaoki + SongbookDB the most robust and feature-packed “Karaoke Software + Remote Request System” on the market.

Fixed, Changed Or New in Karaoki Version 0.8.5633 (Released July 9th 2015)

Bug Fixes:
• Karaoki’s shortcut icon was now showing up on the taskbar on some versions of windows (mainly Windows 8 and 8.1).
• Karaoki wasn’t displaying MP3+G graphics when attempting to play songs that contained Danish characters within the name.

• When right clicking on a singers name in the signers song list/history list on the ‘Singer Data’ screen there is a new option to ban or un-ban the singer. When you ban the singer he/she is automatically removed from rotation and cannot be put back in until un-banned. The banned singers are displayed in the ‘Banned Singers’ list on the Remote Connections screen, and singers can also be removed from the banned list there.  NOTE: The Ban and Un-ban options are only displayed when remote connections are enabled in Karaoki.

• When using “User CD+G” entry in the rotation, clicking on the “Load Next Singer” button now fades the Background Music Player.
• A few Graphics tweaks to main Karaoki GUI
• Now when you delete a singer during a show you will be prompted to save the singers data.