Karaoki Pro Tip | Transferring All Data To Another Computer

Karaoki is PCDJ’s best karaoke software for KJs and karaoke venues, with a feature-set designed around the distinctly unique requirements of professional karaoke show hosting.

Karaoki will store singer and song history for every singer you place into rotation. Unless you manually remove the singer and their subsequent history, Karaoki will continue to grow their singer data, which can be accessed and queued up with a button press — an exceptional commodity for managing regular singers.

Gig machines often take the brunt of a KJs nightly workload, and need to be replaced every couple of years in most cases.  Acceptable standard overhead for a pro KJ or karaoke bar.  However, this also means you have to install Karaoki on the new machine, which is permitted, although it means you’ll end up with a fresh install of Karaoki — without your database of music (links) and singer-song history.

How To Install Karaoki To A New Computer And Tranfer All Data With It

Firstly you will need your Karaoki license activation code (as supplied with purchase) as installing Karaoki to a new machine will be an additional activation.

You also need to copy your Karaoke track library so the file path for the Karaoke tracks is the same on both machines. (meaning, if you use an external drive and the drive letter is “D” on machine one, you need to make sure it’s “D” on the machine 2. How to change a drive letter in Windows)

  1. From within Karaoki use the Backup / Restore option, this is located ‘Options >  Utilities > Backup / Restore’ and select ‘Backup Data’. This will create a backup zip file and place it in ‘My Documents/PCDJ Karaoki/Backups’, the file will have the date it its name, Copy the file to a USB memory stick.
  2. If you haven’t already done so, Install Karaoki on the new PC/Laptop, Start Karaoki and run it (Demo mode is OK for now), this will allow Karaoki to create the file structure it needs to import the backup — Then close Karaoki.
  3. Copy the backup created from the other machine to ‘My Documents/PCDJ Karaoki/Backups’ on the new machine.
  4. Restart Karaoki (in demo mode is OK).
  5. Using the Backup / Restore option, this is located ‘Options >  Utilities > Backup / Restore’ and select ‘Restore Data’, and select the file you made on the other machine, Then click on ‘Open’. Karaoki will ask if you wish to continue, click Yes, Karaoki will install the setup from the other machine, and then restart.
  6. You can now enter your license code and start using Karaoki.

That should do it, you’ll have Karaoki on the new machine as well as your library and singer/song history intact!

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