Karaoki Supports Two Different Singer Song Request Systems | Which One Best Suits Your Needs?

Karaoke Singer song request apps

Did you know that Karaoki works with not one, but two different singer remote song request platforms?  If you didn’t, you’re not alone.

The interest in using an online karaoke song request system with our Karaoki karaoke software seems to be at an all-time high.

Karaoki has supported remote song requests in some fashion for the better part of the last decade, but it seems the majority of karaoke hosts have largely been content with using the old paper slip form for taking singer song requests.  If the sizable increase in email and phone call inquiries are any indication a shift is well underway, with KJs looking to go online and completely digital with their karaoke song books.  We say it’s about time!

Through Karaoki’s remote request plugin technology there are currently two different (with yet another remote request solution in the works!) supported karaoke song request systems. SongbookDB and KaraoQuest. Both solutions aptly do the job but are quite different, with their own pluses and minuses. We’re going to try to break it down for you below so you know which platform would best serve your remote song request requirements.

SongbookDB | A robust internet-based song request system for use with Karaoki

SongBookDB ($19.99-a-month after 30 day free trial) is a web-only based subscription service that enables remote song requests from a singers phone (or any internet enabled device). Internet IS required to use SongbookDB for both karaoke singers and the karaoke host. Singers can view and search your song book online from their phone, choose the song version they want to sing and set any key changes — which are then sent via the web directly to the SongBookDB Karaoki Plug-In.  The request plug in shows you that a singer song request has been received and you click a single button to accept the request and send it directly to the singer rotation list in Karaoki.

With SongbookDB you have to use the supplied “Pal” app to upload your exported case (TSV) files so they are available online for your singers. Your singers can download (free for them) the Android or iOS singer request app and login (manually or socially with Facebook/Google).  There is also a ‘host’ version of the app so you can receive song requests that way as well if you wish.

Many other bonus features are included with SongBookDB, including the ability to “buzz” your singer when they’re up to sing and to send a “Shoutout” message to anyone viewing the application,

SongbookDB is a truly pro solution that’s been thoroughly thought through. It’s likely the best option for venues and for hosts that have no issue with the $19.99-a-month subscription cost.


  • Free singer apps for Android/iOS
  • Buzz: alert singers when their song is ready
  • Shout out: send a message to everyone currently viewing your song book
  • Accept Singer Tips: receive tips from your singers
  • Add your logo, website, phone and Facebook page details
  • Edit and tag your songs
  • Have multiple song books and venues (up to 8). This caters for businesses with multiple DJs working on the same night
  • A kiosk mode so you can also set up a laptop kiosk at your shows


  • Internet is always request (no local area network support)
  • Not free: $19.99 a month or $14.99 if you pay for a year in advance (yet still cost effective for most)
  • Have to use multiple apps and upload your exported Karaoki song list with Pal (app)

KaraoQuest | A FREE iOS local area network (LAN) based song request system for use with Karaoki

If it’s FREE it for me!  Yes, KaraoQuest is completely free (with in-app ads that display after singer/song requests) and uses Karaoki’s built in remote connection system to send singer song requests. A simple request app when compared with SongbookDB, KaraoQuest is designed exclusively for iOS at this time although the developer (a Karaoki customer!) has suggested Android may be coming down the pipe. Because it is iOS only we find most customers that use KaraoQuest prefer to use an iPad as a Kiosk instead of having singers use their own phones. We agree this is likely the best solution until an Android version is available so you don’t upset the Android crowd!

Unlike the SongBookDB song request system, KaraoQuest works exclusively via local area network. Thus you will need to setup a local network but you won’t need internet. That makes KaraoQuest an ideal solution for KJs working in venues where internet may not be an option for the host or karaoke singers. Singers (or yourself if using an iPad as a Kiosk) will only need to input the IP address displayed on Karaoki’s remote request tab to access your online songbook.

Since KaraoQuest uses the remote request protocols already baked into Karaoki, you can simply ‘Share’ your Karaoki case under the Remote Connections tab and it will be available through the iOS request app straight away.  No fuss, and no need to export and upload. Just make sure your karaoke songs display properly in the Karaoki case/browser and they will appear correctly for your singers viewing them via the app.

KaraoQuest is perfect for a KJ that needs something simple to use as a request station/kiosk on iOS. We find many users purchasing older iPad’s to setup exclusively for this purpose.  No subscription fee means the only overhead is the iPad itself.  We can see why KaraoQuest has become a very popular option for Karaoki users that don’t need all the bells and whistles found in SongbookDB.


  • Completely FREE remote request app with minimal ads that run between requests
  • Simple and easy to setup and use with Karaoki’s built in request station
  • Runs great on an iPads as a song request station
  • Connect and use via local area network — no internet required


  • No bonus features such as ‘buzz’ and ‘shoutout’
  • No Android!
  • Simple, but maybe that’s what you want?


Have questions about the remote request system, karaoke kiosk, or online songbooks and how they work with Karaoki?  Please leave them in the comments section below!