Karaoki Now Supports HD Plus Karaoke Videos…But What Is HD Plus?

Yesterday we launched a new Karaoki beta, which now supports HD+ Karaoke Files – but are HD+ karaoke video files and why would you want to host karaoke using them? 

HD+ karaoke video files are basically the same as regular HD karaoke MP4 files, but with one major addition:  Each HD+ video file has two separate audio tracks built in, one is the normal karaoke version, the other a vocal version in full stereo (NOT mono like regular multiplex tracks).

Meaning when and HD+ file is played on a on compatible software (like the new PCDJ Karaoki beta), you can instantly switch between the normal karaoke audio track, or a full stereo vocal guide version. This is extremely handy to aid particularly bad or nervous singers, or many singers even use them to help learn those tricky parts of songs. Simply switch to the vocal version, listen to how it’s done, and switch back to normal once the singer’s nailed it.

When you load to play an HD+ Karaoke Video with the Karaoki beta update you will see two new buttons (1 & 2) above the Karaoki deck volume control, these buttons will only display if the video file has multiple audio tracks and are used to select the audio track.  So when you play HD+ video files, you’ll see the 1 and 2 buttons for vocal or none vocal versions.

If you want to try out HD+ Karaoke files with the new Karaoki beta, Select-A-Track UK (our UK distributor for PCDJ Karaoki) has been kind enough to supply a sample download!

NOTE: Right Click On Button And Choose To Save Download As (or Save Link As) to Download File