New Karaoki Beta Version 0.8.5770 Available For Download

Our karaoke software development team has been extra busy these last few weeks prepping Karaoki for some big news.

The latest Karaoki Beta 0.8.5770 is ready for you to download and try, and it’s been prepped for a big announcement coming this Thursday Oct 22nd during the live webcast of the Karaoke Summit 2015.

You won’t want to miss the free online Karaoke Summit stream as new technologies will be demoed, and shortly after, made available to all existing Karaoki users!  #GameChanger

Here’s what’s new, changed or updated in our best karaoke software for pro KJs — PCDJ Karaoki.

Karaoki Beta Version 0.8.5770

Changes and Additions:

  • Prepped Karaoki Remote Engine For Karaoke Summit Announcement
  • Minor overall performance improvements to playback engine

Previous 2 Beta Releases

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

• Registration form hidden behind splash screen
• Tracks not saving in correct order in list and solo modes
• Unable to edit singers name.
• Timeout set to long when trying to connect to the internet.

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

• Potential hang when upgrading from older builds.
• Singer data screen TAB order.
• When adding track to rotation from history, the the QTY always displayed ‘0’.
• Updated Audio/Video engine.
• Intermittently unable to delete singer from Rotation.


• User prompted to save singer data when starting a new or loading existing show.
• Option to print out track list when in solo mode.
• Functionality added to remote connections/plugin interface for future plugin development.
• Prompt box to save singers data when removing them from the show or starting a new show.


• Start-up Flash screen sequence.
• Search Box re-sized (larger typing area).
• Graphical Changes to screens.


2 replies
  1. Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia says:

    Karaoki is great, but fixed rotation do not works as it’s suppose to. It allows to jump to the first position a singer that request a song in the last minute (while countdown is running), leaving the actual singer with the microphone on hand. Also, it allows to have the screen full of ADD A TRACK OR YOU WILL BE SKIPPED messages instead of remove from rotation any singer that reach the second position in the list without a song to sing. If you are the singer with the #6 position, your name will not be displayed on the screen, instead you will see 5 lines with ADD A TRACK OR YOU WILL BE SKIPPED messages. Your track will start without your knowledge.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Luis, can you elaborate a bit more regarding a singer with a request at the last minute? If it’s the current singer, you can double click their name in the rotation list and re-order their songs with drag and drop (or pull them out of rotation, or add songs from their history etc). You can also of course drag and drop singer in the rotation list into any order – or right click and “Send to top”.

      What happens with fixed rotation, if you click LOAD NEXT SINGER (which is the only way you should load/play songs from the rotation list) it loads and plays the top track – after 15 seconds the singer is then dropped to the bottom of the rotation list, with their next song in their personal singer queue displayed. We only drop them down after 15 seconds, so in the event the singer wants to swap songs on the fly you can double click their name – and select a different song from their cue to load/play with load next singer.

      Also, great news: You can easily turn off the “add a track or you will be skipped” message. You can set it up so Karaoki ONLY shows singers with songs in their queue. Right click in the rotation list, click on Rotation Options – from this pane select “QUEUED ONLY” – now Karaoki won’t display singers without songs in their queue! That should help!

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