Karaoki Beta Build #0.8.5757 Available For Download

Karaoke Software | Karaoki Beta #0.8.5757 is now available for download.

This latest public Beta release of PCDJ Karaoki (karaoke software hosting solution designed for professional use)  includes various bug fixes and overall performance improvements. It includes all new karaoke features found in the previous Karaoki Beta Release, with some additional fine-tuning and optimization.

Existing Karaoki customers are invited to download and try the new Beta release, which you can access directly in Karaoki:  Options -> Utilities -> Check for Update.  You will see the new Beta 0.8.5757 displayed as available for download. Click to install automatically.

If you’re not happy with the Beta’s performance you can roll back to the ‘public release’ under ‘Check For Update‘.

All Changes And Updates Included In Karaoki Build #0.8.5757

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:
• Registration form hidden behind splash screen
• Tracks not saving in correct order in list and solo modes
• Unable to edit singers name.
• Timeout set to long when trying to connect to the internet.

If you find any issues running the new karaoke software Beta version we’d like to know about it! Please post any issues and/or suggestions on the PCDJ community forum HERE

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  1. Thomas Oystad
    Thomas Oystad says:


    Any known issues with BGM and poor mouse operation when playing BGM?

    Slow moving mouse?


    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Thomas,

      How many tracks have you imported into the BGM? Remember, the BGM is designed for playlsts of about 300 tracks or so, not a large music library. You can create and save multiple background music cases – this video outlines how:

      Let me know if this was the issue. A large case could cause a resource issue, but I don’t have any other reports of “slow moving mice” at this time!

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