Karaoke Software Tips: Use Your Own Background Images Behind Lyrics In Karaoki

If you haven’t downloaded our latest and greatest PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software beta, you can get it HERE

New in this free update for Karaoki customers is the much anticipated “SongbookDB Integration” , which will allow singers to view your songbook via their phone and make remote requests.  One of the less talked about features, but equally as cool, is the ability for you to use your own custom background images behind the screen 2 lyrics (singers screen).

KJs have found a myriad of ways to utilize the new background image feature.  Uploading their KJ business logo, venue logo or advertisements for drink specials or even third party advertisers.  It’s a great addition to an already very robust karaoke software for pro KJs, and further allows our users to make their karaoke show experience more unique and interesting for their singers and venue owners.

As has been the case for the last 7 years, all new features are available to paid Karaoki customers at no additional cost – simply download the update and go!

Video demonstration of using your own screen 2 background images in PCDJ Karaoki