Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription | New Releases This Week PLUS Zac Brown Band!

If you have singers that enjoy belting out Zac Brown Band tunes they’re really going to love this week’s Karaoke Cloud Pro song update!

In addition to the usual “6 new tracks a week released into Karaoke Cloud Pro“, this week’s update comes with 15 extra tunes by Zac Brown Band, both older classics and fresh new releases.

Karaoke Cloud Pro is the KJs professional karaoke subscription of choice and Digitrax has worked hard to ensure that the catalog keeps growing.  You get a great core library with fresh karaoke songs made available every week at no additional charge.  Best of all, you access and download all the karaoke music in our flagship karaoke software PCDJ Karaoki – a seamless integration of music and technology designed to make a KJs job easier while providing 100% commercially legal content!


Break free from the ordinary

Slip the surly bonds of winter, and let Karaoke Cloud Pro turn your singers loose. We’re back with another thrilling week of new releases. Allow your singers to break the chains of mediocrity and express themselves!

This week’s top tunes are all about setting yourself free. Retrieve them now with PCDJ Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro!

Day Of Release Title   ITSO
Tuesday   Can’t We Try   Teddy Pendergrass
Wednesday   Hey Baby   Henry Lee Summer
Thursday   Turn Me Loose   Loverboy
Friday   No Way Out   Jefferson Starship
Saturday   Ain’t Nobody   Rufus & Chaka Khan
Special 15 GREAT songs Zac Brown Band


Special Release: Zac Brown Band Collection

They’re one of the hottest bands in the karaoke world, and Karaoke Cloud Pro just added a huge collection of their greatest smashes. You’ve already jammed to the classics like

“Chicken Fried”, “Colder Weather”, Different Kind Of Fine”, “As She’s Walking Away”, “Free”, “Highway 20 Ride”, “Keep Me In Mind”, “Knee Deep”, “Let It Go”, and “Whatever It Is” – they’re all now ready for download with Karaoke Cloud Pro – the Pro KJs karaoke subscription of choice.

But we’ve also added a slew of fresh releases in the style of Zac Brown Band, including “All Alright”, “Goodbye In Her Eyes”, “Jump Right In”, “Sweet Annie”, and “The Wind”. Download them now!

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