Karaoke Subscription | The Hits Keep Coming! Check Out This Weeks 20 Song Karaoke Cloud Pro Update

new karaoke songs added to karaoke cloud pro 1-11-17

20 new karaoke hits are now available in Karaoki with your Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription

You asked us to “Do It Again“, and because we’re all “Crazy For You” — another batch of 20 karaoke hits you can download right now with your Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription!

We know what it’s like out there. Getting through a night of hosting karaoke with 50+ singers in rotation is a matter of “Survival” — but “Have A Little Faith In Me“, this weeks 20 karaoke song upload is “Borderline” awesome!

No, this isn’t your “River Of Dreams” and you’re not “California Dreamin‘” – this is Karaoke Cloud Pro, worlds best karaoke subscription for KJs and karaoke bars that demand the highest quality karaoke music that works in tandem with our top karaoke software Karaoki!

New Karaoke Hits Available 1-11-17 With A Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription

C18741 Survival Eminem ftg. Liz Rodrigues
C18758 Shameless Billy Joel
C18760 Stiletto Billy Joel
C18799 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite R.E.M.
C18800 Nightswimming R.E.M.
C18801 What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? R.E.M.
C18803 Tongue R.E.M.
C18805 Daysleeper R.E.M.
C18806 At My Most Beautiful R.E.M.
C18807 The Great Beyond R.E.M.
C18808 Radio Song R.E.M.
C18748 River Of Dreams Billy Joel
C18821 Do It Again Steely Dan
C18823 Have A Little Faith In Me Joe Cocker
C18816 Crazy For You Madonna
C18817 Borderline Madonna
C18818 Detroit City Tom Jones
C18819 California Dreamin’ Mamas And The Papas


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