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Karaoke Subscription | Starting A 7-Day Free Trial Of Party Tyme Karaoke In DEX 3

How to start a free trial of party tyme karaoke subscription in DEX 3

Owners of DEX 3 can now subscribe to Party Tyme Karaoke streaming (with offline support) without ever leaving the application, providing a truly seamless partnership between DJ/karaoke software and karaoke music. Create an account through DEX 3 and gain immediate in-app access to a 34,000+ karaoke library in HD MP4 quality for $49-a-month after a 7-day no-commitment free trial.

The Party Tyme Karaoke subscription provides the industry-best selection of karaoke classics and brand new hits. Stream karaoke from the catalog while online or download the entire catalog for offline playback. The subscription service is 100% legal for commercial use, making it ideal for new karaoke hosts that need a quality karaoke catalog to start hosting with straight away or a karaoke bar installation.

The Party Tyme karaoke library stays fresh for your singers to enjoy with weekly updates. Subscribers can even print out the songbook which is kept up-to-date by Party Tyme.

Starting a 7-day free trial of Party Tyme Karaoke through DEX 3 is a simple process. If you’re not satisfied with the service you can cancel before the 7-day trial is up and you will not be billed.

How-To Start A 7-Day Free Trial Of Party Tyme Karaoke In DEX 3

Creating a Party Tyme Karaoke subscription trial step 1

Step 1) Locate the “PT” logo (Party Tyme) within the browser navigation pane in DEX 3 (left side) and right-click on it.  Select “Account Details” to launch the signup form.

Creating a Party Tyme Karaoke subscription trial step 2

Step 2) Create your user name and password and be sure to fill out ALL fields on the form.  Items “Company Name”, “Company Business ID”, and “Office Name” are required but you can use what you choose to use in the fields.  As displayed in the example image above we have used “PCDJ” for all three.  Click “Create” once all fields on the form are completed.

Starting a free trial of Party Tyme Karaoke subscription step 3

Step 3) Under “Available Subscriptions” select the “Party Tyme Karaoke Pro Recurring Subscription, Monthly Charge (First week free. Cancellable at any time) $49” option (top item) and click “Activate New Subscription” (NOTE: You can also cancel your free trial on this same screen in the event you do not wish to use the subscription after the 7-day free trial period).

Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription Free Trial Step 4

Step 4) Input your credit card credentials into the form and click “Save” to start the free 7-day trial of Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription service.

Party Tyme karaoke free trial logged in

Step 5) You should now be logged in and ready to use Party Tyme Karaoke in DEX 3. This will be indicated by the text “(Connected)” displayed to the right of the Party Tyme Karaoke text in the DEX 3 navigation pane. You can expand the Party Tyme Karaoke tree by clicking on the “PT” logo.  Songs will immediately be searchable and you can browse the catalog by clicking on “Catalog (All Tracks)”.

Using Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription In DEX 3

If you have questions about the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription service or how to use it with DEX 3 please leave them in the comments section below!