Karaoke Subscription Service | “Oh! Darling” More Tracks Are Available Now 11-18-19

New karaoke hits 11-18-19

Party Tyme is bringing another round of karaoke uploads this week — just log in with DEX 3 or LYRX to access them now!

It’s not as if “We Were” waiting on more tunes, as the Party Tyme Karaoke platform is already stacked with nearly 18,000 hit karaoke songs. But, just like every subscriber, “I Will” happily log in, download (or stream) the new songs, grab my friends and my “Kinfolks“, head on down to the “Octopus’s Garden” in “Austin” and get the party started. (I’m reaching here, I know 😉😜)

If you haven’t already tried Party Tyme Karaoke for 7-days free — what are you waiting for? Don’t be left out in the cold saying to yourself I “Love You Too Late“. Learn more and how to try it now

Access, Stream, and Download These Karaoke Songs Now With Party Tyme and LYRX or DEX 3

SYB03316 I Will The Beatles Pop Male F major
SYB03315 Kinfolks Sam Hunt Country Male C major
SYB03312 I Miss You Klymaxx R&B Female F major
SYB03313 Love You Too Late Cole Swindell Country Male A minor
SYB03314 We Were Keith Urban Country Male D minor
SYB03311 Austin Blake Shelton Country Male G major
SYB03309 Octopus’s Garden The Beatles Pop Male E major
SYB03310 Oh! Darling The Beatles Pop Male A major

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How-To the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription works with DEX 3 and/or LYRX


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