Karaoke Subscription | Party Tyme is “Indestructible” — Another Week of Hits

Party Tyme karaoke subscription update

Hey Baby“, no need for a “Vacation“, just “Take Your Mama” and your friend “Gloria” over to the karaoke corner for some care-free crooning!

Yeah, I know, don’t quit my night job.

It’s another week of hit karaoke songs form Party Tyme. As a modern, professional karaoke host there’s simply no easier way to offer your singers a top notch karaoke experience. LYRX or DEX 3 + Party Tyme is perfect duet of karaoke software and karaoke subscription, force-feeding you new tracks on a weekly basis. Login at least once a week to access and/or download (for offline playback) the latest karaoke songs so you stay flush with songs that make your singers blush.

Visit the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription page to learn more about the best karaoke subscription for KJs.

Access, Stream, and Download These Karaoke Hits Now With Party Tyme and DEX 3 or LYRX

SYB03250 Gloria The Lumineers Pop Male B major
SYB03249 Alligator Of Monsters And Men Pop Female Eb major
SYB03245 Calling All Angels Train Pop Male Bb major
SYB03247 Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song) The Buckinghams Pop Male F major
SYB03246 Last Day Under The Sun Volbeat Rock Male E major
SYB03248 Take Your Mama Scissor Sisters Pop Male Bb major
SYB03243 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day Rock Male G major
SYB03242 Indestructible Disturbed Rock Male C major
SYB03244 Vacation The Go-Go’s 1980s E major


Creating a Karaoke Song Book from the Party Tyme Karaoke Catalog

How the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription works with DEX 3 and/or LYRX


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