Announcement | Karaoke Cloud Pro Now includes Over 7,000 Backing Tracks

Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke backing tracks announcement

“You’re now free to move about the stage!”

Breaking news today from our partners at Digitrax Entertainment:  The Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service supported in Karaoki now provides over 7,000 karaoke backing tracks (no vocals, and no on-screen lyrics) in addition to the existing 6,000 standard karaoke tracks already included.

Karaoke Backing Tracks With Karaoke Subscription

Karaoke Cloud Pro has been the KJs professional karaoke subscription of choice over the past 4 years, with subscribers in over 25 countries around the globe. Baked into our karaoke software, Karaoke Cloud Pro provides karaoke hosts and karaoke venues in-app use of a commercially legal catalog of high-quality karaoke music.  Unlike most subscription-based music services, subscribers download the entire karaoke library and store on their local or external hard drive for offline use (Subscribers only need to log in online every 30 days to verify subscription status).

Currently the KCP karaoke catalog consists of nearly 6,000 (no duplicates!) standard karaoke tracks from the best brands in the business, with 5 additional karaoke tracks added weekly.  Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro have always been popular with Solo Artists – and now with over 7,000 backing tracks (songs without a lead vocal, but also without on-screen lyrics) their selection of tracks to sing along with just got a whole lot larger. Songs without lyrics are easily identified in the track list – displaying “No Lyrics” next to the track title.

Microphone on Keyboard

Karaoke backing tracks aren’t just for Solo Artists however, as karaoke singers that are familiar with the song they’re singing likely won’t need to follow along with lyrics. Karaoke Cloud Pro CEO Joe Vangieri explains this in his own words:

“You’re now free to move about the stage!” said Joseph Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment, the creators of Karaoke Cloud Pro.

“It’s karaoke night, and you’re ready to sing your favorite songs. You and everyone in the crowd already know the lyrics to these favorites. But there’s just one problem with your set: you’re stuck standing in one place. That’s boring and ordinary.”

“With our backing tracks, you can unchain yourself from that pesky monitor and let your true rockstar shine,” Vangieri said. “And the best part about it? It is the legal alternative to the karaoke ‘No Fly List’.” 

Karaoke Cloud Pro is $99-a-month for professional use (public performance), and subscribers can cancel the service anytime without penalty. PCDJ Karaoki users can learn more about the service and sign up HERE.


Have questions about the professional karaoke subscription service or our karaoke software?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

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