Karaoke Subscription | New This Week from Party Tyme Karaoke 9-18-19

Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription New Karaoke Songs 9-18-19

I know, we say this “All the Time“, but Party Tyme’s got the “Juice” — “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot“.

This weeks’ new karaoke songs will have you grab your karaoke system and “Take it On The Run“. You’re not heading “Home” early — your queue of karaoke singers will make you think “School’s Out” for summer.

OK, that’s enough of that. 🙂

The point is Party Tyme is bringing additional karaoke hits each and every week. Just pop open LYRX or DEX 3 and just like magic new karaoke tunes will appear in your karaoke library. Stream while online, or download everything for offline playback. It’s that simple to have the karaoke system you need to perform like the rock star you are.

Visit the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription page to learn more about why the platform has been the go-to for the modern karaoke host.

Access, Stream, and Download These Karaoke Hits Now With Party Tyme and DEX 3 or LYRX

SYB03254 All The Time Zara Larsson Pop Female C# minor
SYB03259 Home Blake Shelton Country Male G major
SYB03256 Juice Lizzo Pop Female D minor
SYB03258 Walkin’ On The Sun Smash Mouth Pop Male G# minor
SYB03251 School’s Out Alice Cooper Rock Male E major
SYB03252 Take It On The Run REO Speedwagon Pop Male G major
SYB03253 When You’re Hot, You’re Hot Jerry Reed Country Classics A major


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