Karaoke Subscription | New Karaoke From Party Tyme 7-23-21

New Karaoke for the Best Karaoke Subscription

New Karaoke Music Available Now with your Commercially-Legal Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription! 

We can always count on Party Tyme to “Gimme Something Good“. “Sugar and Spice” and everything nice. “My Boy“, if you’re not subscribed yet and still buying individual karaoke downloads, it’s a “Lost Cause“. The modern karaoke host is “Catching Fire“, benefiting from new karaoke uploads each week, keeping their karaoke library fresh and their singers “Drinkin’ Beer, Talkin’ God. Amen“.

You’ll have the singers in your area saying “I Saw Her Again Last Night“, since you’re the host with the most. So, “Turn up the Radio” (errr, PA System), invite “Half of My Hometown“, and let’s stretch those vocal chords!

OK, not my best effort. Maybe it’s because “I Quit Drinking“. 😉

Yep, another 25 new karaoke uploads from our partners at Party Tyme. If you’re already a subscriber, the newest karaoke tracks are available right now in DEX 3 or LYRX. If you’re not already subscribed — you can try Party Tyme in DEX 3 or LYRX free for 7-days. If you’ve been under a proverbial rock and don’t what the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription is, visit this page to learn more about the best karaoke subscription available today.  (NOTE: Party Tyme also works with the new KSR (Karaoke Singer Request) System, a free service for DEX 3 and LYRX customers.


Access, Stream, and Download These Karaoke Songs Now With Party Tyme and DEX 3 and/or LYRX

SYB03859 I Quit Drinking Kelsea Ballerini & LANY Country Female C# major English 2021
SYB03857 My Boy Elvie Shane Country Male A major English 2021
SYB03856 Speak To The Sky Rick Springfield Pop Male A major English 1972
SYB03858 Talk You Down The Script Pop Male C major English 2008
SYB03854 I Saw Her Again Last Night The Mamas And The Papas Pop Male A major English 1966
SYB03855 Star 69 R.E.M. Rock Male B major English 1994
SYB03853 Drinkin’ Beer. Talkin’ God. Amen Chase Rice ft. Florida Georgia Line Country Male A major English 2020
SYB03851 Gimme Something Good Ryan Adams Rock Male B minor English 2014
SYB03852 Sugar And Spice The Searchers Pop Male C major English 1964
SYB03846 Lost Cause Billie Eilish Pop Female Bb minor English 2021
SYB03850 Turn Up The Radio Autograph Rock Male G major English 1981
SYB03840 Everything Is Awesome (Tween Dream Remix) Garfunkel & Oates ft. Eban Schletter Pop Female E major English 2019
SYB03839 Ferry Cross The Mersey Gerry And The Pacemakers Pop Male E major English 1965
SYB03838 Where I Find God Larry Fleet Country Male B major English 2020
SYB03837 Catching Fire Sum 41 Rock Male D major English 2019
SYB03836 We Never Have Sex Anymore The Offspring Rock Male A minor English 2021
SYB03834 If You’re Thinking You Want A Stranger George Strait Country Male Ab major English 1982
SYB03835 Lay Down Beside Me Don Williams Country Male G major English 1979
SYB03832 Half of My Hometown Kelsea Ballerini & Kenny Chesney Country Female Bb major English 2021
SYB03833 Pieces of April Three Dog Night Pop Male Bb major English 1972
SYB45861 De Vuelta Pa’ La Vuelta Daddy Yankee & Marc Anthony Spanish G minor Spanish 2020
SYB45854 Millones Camilo Spanish Bb major Spanish 2021
SYB45863 Troca De Calçada Marília Mendonça Portuguese E major Portuguese 2021
SYB03831 It’s Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer Charley Pride Country Male E major English 1972
SYB03830 Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire Pop Male D major English 1965


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