Karaoke Subscription | New Karaoke Cloud Pro Releases 2-5-18

Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription update 2-5-18

Know what a real winner looks like? They’re the karaoke hosts running the best shows in the country.

So what sets them apart? What makes them different from the also-rans? Is it their equipment, or library, or connections in the industry? Nope. It’s none of those things (though they can certainly help).

The best karaoke jockeys in the industry all have one thing in common. They go the extra mile. They do whatever it takes to be the best. From content all the way through to presentation, they make sure they’re always rocking the best that they can offer.

You can do that too – just make sure you’ve always got Karaoke Cloud Pro on tap. The best karaoke music and the best way to integrate them into your show. Since the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription service is built right into PCDJ Karaoki you have the karaoke player and the karaoke library you need to start hosting a 100% legal show that keeps you rocking and singers singing!

Learn more about Karaoke Cloud Pro and how to start a 14-day commitment free trial

Access These Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro

C02257 All Fired Up Pat Benatar
C10293 Beginnings Chicago
C17661 Best Of Me Anthony Hamilton
C02692 From The Depths Of My Heart Isaacs, The
C08209 Fuel To The Flame Skeeter Davis
C18285 Ghost Mystery Skulls
C19777 Global Concepts Robert Delong
C19774 Good Intentions Disclosure Feat. Miguel
C19776 Happy Robert Delong
C05004 House Of The Rising Sun The Animals
C08221 Let’s Stay Home Tonight Joe
C12942 Licking Stick – Licking Stick James Brown
C11343 Love Is In The Air John Paul Young
C19792 Millionaire Chris Stapleton
C12437 Missing Missouri Sara Evans
C08405 Not Pretty Enough Kasey Chambers
C10069 Only One Road Celine Dion
C09538 Rise Above Ronnie Bowman
C01236 Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Brenda Lee
C01836 Shot In The Dark Ozzy Osbourne
C06673 Take My Hand (Precious Lord) Elvis Presley
C09403 Take My Hand (Precious Lord) Mahalia Jackson
C13791 That’S God Jo Dee Messina
C06541 Too Much To Lose The Kentucky Headhunters
C12578 When I Was Young The Animals
C07805 Yes! We Have No Bananas Billy Jones



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