Karaoke Subscription | New Karaoke Cloud Pro Releases 2-23-18

Karaoke Cloud Pro Update 2-23-18

I’m gonna need a sound check.

Because the note-perfect recordings you get this week are designed to stretch your Karaoki karaoke system to its fullest.

Yes, that’s true of all DTE/Karaoke Cloud Pro recordings – so accurate they’ve actually fooled the original artists in the past.

And that’s exactly what you want, because that’s exactly what your singers want – to feel like THEY’RE the ones in the spotlight, living the dream.

So it turns out the guy who wrote the Hokey Pokey was right. That really IS what it’s all about!

Karaoke Cloud Pro is baked into PCDJ Karaoki (karaoke show hosting software for Windows) and provides karaoke hosts and karaoke bars with a commercially legal library of popular, pitch-perfect karaoke songs for $49.99-a-month (After 14 day no-commitment free trial). Learn more about Karaoke Cloud Pro and how it works in Karaoki.

Download And Play These Karaoke Songs Now With Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro (2-23-18)

C19707 Week Without You Miley Cyrus
C19755 Hold Me In Your Arms Rick Astley
C19780 Wrong Number Cure, The
C19781 Just The Lonely Talking Again Whitney Houston
C19823 All Or Nothing At All Frank Sinatra
C19824 What A Difference A Day Makes Dinah Washington
C19825 Precious Illusions Alanis Morissette
C19826 The Ketchup Song (Asereje) Las Ketchup
C19827 Songbird Oasis
C19828 Nookie Limp Bizkit
C19829 Tiny Bubbles Don Ho
C19830 Advertising Space Robbie Williams
C19831 Dreamgirls From Dreamgirls
C19832 Hard To Say Goodbye, My Love From Dreamgirls
C19833 Stolen Dashboard Confessional
C19834 Two Little Sisters Carly Simon
C19835 Don’t Rush Me Taylor Dayne
C19837 Tenderness General Public
C19839 Affair Of The Heart Rick Springfield
C19840 Don’t Talk To Strangers Rick Springfield
C19841 Daddy’s Gone Glasvegas
C19842 After Me Saliva
C19919 Gimme Sympathy Metric
C19920 Satellite Mind Metric
C19921 Collect Call Metric
C19923 Of Moons, Birds & Monsters Mgmt
C20724 Paper Planes M.I.A.



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