Karaoke Subscription | Stretch Your Heart Around These New Releases

The hits just keep on coming with Karaoke Cloud Pro — the professional karaoke hosts karaoke subscription accessible directly in Karaoki.

Karaoke hosts all over the globe have turned to Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro integration as their commercially legal karaoke software + karaoke music platform of choice.

Downloading tracks to your hard drive is a breeze, and new tracks show up in a different color so you can spot them right away.   Unlike traditional subscriptions and streaming services you store all Karaoke Cloud Pro files on your local hard drive and are only required to sync the subscription online once a month — so you can confidently host karaoke in any venue, with or without internet access!

Here’s what’s new this week in the professional KJs karaoke subscription!



Stretch your heart around our new releases.

It’s not hard to supply your singers with songs they love to sing with your Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription, where Digitrax keep’s adding new hits almost daily. 

This week’s slew of new releases feature ginormous tunes in the styles of Sia, Of Monsters And Men, Jessie J, Avicii, and The Script.  With titles like “Crystals”, “Elastic Heart”, “Masterpiece”, “The Nights” and “No Good In Goodbye’, you’re sure to find what any of your singers heart’s desire. Download them now in PCDJ Karaoki with Karaoke Cloud Pro!


Release Day Title ITSO
Tuesday Crystals Of Monsters And Men
Wednesday Elastic Heart Sia
Thursday Masterpiece Jessie J
Friday The Nights Avicii
Saturday No Good In Goodbye The Script



Here’s how the professional karaoke subscription works in PCDJ Karaoki