Karaoke Cloud Pro Is NOT A Streaming Service!

We’ve always been a company that prides itself on keeping an ear to the ground.  Recently we’ve seen some confusion out there in cyberspace regarding how the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription works — we’d like to set the record straight.

Karaoke Cloud Pro In Action with PCDJ Karaoki

We read all the popular karaoke forums, visit Facebook groups and hold open-public-beta tests for all of our DJ software and karaoke software products.  It’s just one great avenue to gauge industry trends and get a handle on “what’s next“.  Recently we’ve noticed some misinformation and misconceptions posted in various channels and chat groups about how Karaoke Cloud Pro — the U.S.’s only commercially legal karaoke subscription for professional KJs — works in regards to using the karaoke library.

Karaoke Cloud Pro was formed by Digitrax Entertainment with the goal to provide new KJs and venues with a way to obtain a great core library of karaoke music and new releases so they can get out in the field and start making money.  It’s a much more affordable solution at $99 a month than attempting to purchase 7500 songs out-right (with new songs added all the time at no additional charge) – and much safer than illegally downloading karaoke music, which puts the KJ and the venue they host karaoke in at risk.    The karaoke subscription is built directly in Karaoki, our flagship professional karaoke software.

The unfortunately common misconception we see popping up is that Karaoke Cloud Pro is a streaming service, like a Spotify.  It’s not.  At no point are KJs streaming karaoke files from the internet.

Instead, subscribers to the KCP karaoke subscription download the physical karaoke files to their local or external hard drive (you can choose the download path).  KJs that use Karaoke Cloud Pro only need to be connected to the internet when retrieving songs to their hard drive, and most simply download the entire catalog immediately after subscribing.   Subscribers only need to connect/sync with the payment system online once a month to verify successful payment — and can subsequently go offline and use all the files downloaded locally for 30 days at a time between payments.

In short, Karaoke Cloud Pro is a karaoke subscription service that is much more a tethering system than a streaming service.  It is a rental, and thus the requirement to sync monthly, but other than that, which takes about 10 seconds to perform (just log in!), subscribers can use the service in venues without internet.   There is a counter in PCDJ Karaoki that shows exactly what day your next payment will go through, so no worries about potentially forgetting when to sync/login.

I hope that helps put an end to the “I don’t trust karaoke subscriptions because internet can be spotty” talk.   This is for Pro KJs, and we know reliability and performance is paramount!

For more information about Karaoke Cloud Pro please click HERE

For new KJs, we offer a $20 discount on PCDJ Karaoki when they also subscribe to Karaoke Cloud Pro.  For more info please call 877-999-7235 ext 2.

See How Karaoke Cloud Pro Works in PCDJ Karaoki

2 replies
  1. Axel
    Axel says:

    Karaoki is a great system – and for professional users the cloud is fine.

    But – we are some that only use Karaoki for personal use, now and then to a party.

    I would love if there as a ad-on of some kind, that made it possible for users to connect to a local, eksternal disk with the songs.

    I do use remote client and it works fine, but it would be great with an App for peoples cellphone, so they could access the files, search for songs and add themself to the songlist. just like the remote client do, but as an app instead.

    Wonder if i made myself clear 😀

    Anyway – i’m a happy Karaoki user and recommend it to all karaoke fans

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Axel, you can do this with SongbookDB with Karaoki – there is a “singers app” where they can view your songbook and make requests. They will remotely show up in Karaoki, and you can either manually click a button to send the requested song to rotation, or have it setup to “auto-accept-requests”. Learn more here: https://www.pcdj.com/songbookdb/

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