New This Week In Karaoke Cloud Pro | Harness the full power of these karaoke hits

Karaoke Subscription New Hits October 18 2016

Karaoke is getting a lot of love lately. Once again, it’s all the rage and karaoke hosts are busier than ever. 

With KaraokiKaraoke Cloud Pro, you’ve got the soundtrack for every karaoke stage. Each week Digitrax (the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription providers) delivers at least 5 additional karaoke hits to ensure you’re karaoke selection stay’s fresh. This means you have more time to host and manage your hosting business since you spend less time finding, purchasing and downloading karaoke tracks.

This week’s hot karaoke hits are the perfect range of songs to get the party started, no matter the venue. With Karaoke Cloud Pro, you’re the karaoke host with the most!

New Karaoke Hits Available Right Now With A Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscription
Download these tracks now with Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro
Big & Rich ftg. Tim McGrawLovin’ Lately
Lucas HogeThe Power Of Garth
MIA ftg. ZAYNFreedun
Skylar GreyMoving Mountains
Remastered Special Release | The CarpentersWe’ve Only Just Begun


Have questions about karaoke hits delivered by Karaoke Cloud Pro, or about our karaoke software Karaoki?  Please leave them in the comments section below!


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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hello Carol, you don’t get rid of them. You won’t want to…

      We have an update coming out for Karaoki in the next week or so that will allow you to retrieve LRC (lyric files) for all the tracks with ‘no lyrics’. This will effectively turn them into karaoke songs WITH lyrics. That will bump the library count up to 10,500+ songs. Great value, on the way!

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