Karaoke Subscription | 28 Additional Songs Added to Karaoke Cloud Pro 9-24-18

New Karaoke Cloud Pro songs 9-24-18

A cure for the Monday morning blues? 28 additional tracks have been added to Karaoke Cloud Pro!

The most affordable professional and commercially legal karaoke subscription service available has been infused with over 100 additional karaoke songs over the last three weeks. That should be music to a KJs ears!

Karaoki karaoke software users that subscribe to the $49.99-a-month service can log in, access, and download (for no-internet-required use) the 28 freshly added karaoke tunes right now.

If your reading this post, already own Karaoki, and missed last week’s news — you can download and try the new Karaoki version 0.8.6836 public beta today. The new maintenance release is a free update and takes the boot to a few bugs and should otherwise ensure the most stable, care free operation possible.

Are you new to Karaoki and Karaoke Cloud Pro?  Learn more about the karaoke subscription service and how it works within the Karaoki browser HERE

Access, Download, and Play These Karaoke Songs with Karaoki + Karaoke Cloud Pro

C21187 Borrowed Time Frances
C21283 Think About You Now Gloria Estefan
C21297 How ‘Bout Us Champaign
C21300 L.A. Is My Lady Frank Sinatra
C21303 One Day I’ll Fly Away Randy Crawford
C21305 Do What You Do Jermaine Jackson
C21310 Hopelessly Rick Astley
C21311 On A Ragga Tip SL2
C21312 Always The Last To Know Del Amitri
C21313 Wild World Mr. Big
C21314 World Is Stone, The Cyndi Lauper
C21315 One Shining Moment Diana Ross
C21320 Luv Tory Lanez
C21321 Junk Food Forever Amazons, The
C21329 Never Trust A Stranger Kim Wilde
C20604 Freaks Come Out At Night Whodini
C21176 Never Ending Circles Chvrches
C20520 Party Hard Andrew Wk
C19888 Choke Alice In Chains
C20605 Lights & Sounds Yellowcard
C20423 Mexican Radio Wall Of Voodoo
C20601 Shots & Squats Vigiland
C20600 Pong Dance Vigiland
C20599 Let’s Escape Vigiland
C20617 Sober Tool
C20608 Avalon Roxy Music
C21327 Heaven Help My Heart Elaine Paige
C21328 There Will Never Be Another Tonight Bryan Adams
C20623 Worth His Weight In Gold Steel Pulse
C21413 Never Fade Alice In Chains
C21330 Sugar Daddy Thompson Twins
C21331 Softly Whispering I Love You Paul Young
C21332 Don’t Worry Kim Appleby
C21333 Naked In The Rain Blue Pearl
C21334 Family Man Roachford
C21335 Bow Down Mister Jesus Loves You
C21336 Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Monty Python
C21337 The Best Of You Kenny Thomas
C21339 It’s Only Love Tina Turner and Bryan Adams
C21340 It’s Alright East 17



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