Karaoke Subscription For A Bar

Karaoke Subscription For A Bar

Looking for a karaoke subscription for a bar? What you need today is the perfect marriage of karaoke software and karaoke music. Thankfully, that’s what we do!

The Karaoke Software

PCDJ Karaoki is professional karaoke software designed to play karaoke music and display lyrics for the singers to sing. Connect a monitor, TV or projector via the HDMI output from a Windows 7, 8 or 10 computer and play a karaoke song in Karaoki and the karaoke lyrics will appear on screen automatically.

Karaoki also automatically manages singer rotation, so whomever is put in charge of manning the software during your karaoke night can focus on keying in a searches for song requests and adding them to the singer rotation instead of keeping track of where everyone is in order.

Loaded with other professional features such as key control, singer and song history (each of your karaoke singers has their own singer database that tracks each song they sing – even key changes), a filler music player (automatically plays regular songs between karaoke singer and sets), and SongbookDB, an available remote song request system that works with Karaoki — you have all the modern functionality you will need to play karaoke files and manage the karaoke night with ease.

Karaoki usually sells for $99, but for subscribers new to Karaoke Cloud Pro (the karaoke music subscription) we offer a $20 discount. Your purchase entitles you to free karaoke software upgrades for life, activation for three different Windows computers, and

The other important item we haven’t mentioned yet is the other equally important side to a karaoke subscription for a bar: the karaoke music…

The Karaoke Music Subscription

Karaoke Cloud Pro is a legal karaoke music subscription for a bar that works right inside of PCDJ Karaoki.

Log into the commercially legal karaoke subscription service through Karaoki and gain instant access to a karaoke catalog of around 3,400 songs (At the time of posting this article). Subscribers receive an additional 50 karaoke songs each-and-every Friday just like clockwork.

Since we want to ensure you always have the ability to run a carefree karaoke night at your bar, you can download the entire karaoke song library to your computer hard drive so you can use the songs offline between billing cycles (30 days at a time).  Host a karaoke night with or without internet and the experience for the karaoke singer will be exactly the same.

Songs from Karaoke Cloud Pro come with crystal clear on-screen lyrics and are provided in optimal 320kbps quality.  The selection of remastered karaoke tracks is a fit for all types of crowds and age groups.

Karaoke Cloud Pro is $49.99-a-month. That price includes all karaoke songs currently in the library and an additional 50 songs weekly.

Karaoki (karaoke software) + Karaoke Cloud Pro (karaoke subscription) form a perfect duet.  It’s the ideal karaoke subscription for a bar that provides you with a fresh karaoke library you’re karaoke singers are going to love and the karaoke software to host a karaoke night with ease and precision.


Contact Us For Discount And More Info

To get the $20 Karaoki software discount for new Karaoke Cloud Pro subscribers, or for assistance with questions or getting signed up for Karaoke Cloud Pro, please contact our sales department:


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Have questions about a karaoke subscription for a bar and don’t want t call? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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