Karaoke Subscription | “All Sugar, No Spice” New In Karaoke Cloud Pro

6 new songs now available with your karaoke subscription for PCDJ Karaoki

Karaoke Cloud Pro has lead the way for the last 3 years as the best professional karaoke subscription available for Pro KJs and venues in the USA.  Subscribers receive new updates monthly, which include some of the hottest new karaoke music to hit the market with a sprinkling of old classic hits.    For $99-a-month you get 7500 songs right away that you download (not stream!) to your computer to use offline (no need for internet access at your gig!)

Digitrax Entertainment is the creator and provider of the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service for PCDJ Karaoki, and they’re latest goal is to release a karaoke song each day each month – 5 days a week. That’s around 20 karaoke downloads a month! Learn more about the Karaoke Cloud Pro karaoke subscription HERE.


All Sugar, No Spice!

Keep Your Week Upbeat with 6 NEW karaoke singles. A song a day to keep the blues away (released into the Karaoke Cloud Pro platform – one each day except on Sunday)

Savor each of the following singles, masterfully recorded in the Styles of: Maroon 5, Tyler Farr, George Ezra, Keith Urban, Eric Church & Carrie Underwood.

Use the release schedule below to plan out your week of downloads:

Get these songs this week in Karaoke Cloud Pro!


 Day of the Week  Song   In The Style Of 
 Monday  “Sugar”  Maroon 5
 Tuesday  “A Guy Walks Into A Bar”  Tyler Farr
 Wednesday  “Blame It On Me”  George Ezra
 Thursday ” Raise ‘Em Up”  Keith Urban
 Friday  “Like A Wrecking Ball”  Eric Church
 Saturday  “Little Toy Guns”  Carrie Underwood



Here’s Why Karaoke Cloud Pro Was Created: