Karaoke Subscription | 25 New Karaoke Songs Added 6-10-22

New Karaoke Songs for Karaoke Subscription

How Cool is That“? Here’s another batch of HD-quality karaoke uploads from our friends at Party Tyme Karaoke to help make you a KJ “Superstar“!

If it Makes You Happy” and If you’re already a DEX 3 or LYRX user that subscribes to the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription, you can stream and/or download the 25 freshly added tunes now. If you’re not already subscribed you probably have “Sad Eyes” because you’re “Lost in Emotion“. You also likely want us to “Leave You Alone“, but how will you ever compete with a Party Tyme subscriber that gets fresh tunes weekly?

Well, “I Gotcha“! Subscribe and try Party Tyme free for 7-days, soon you’ll be saying “I Just Call You Mine“! You’ll be “Closer to Free” as you’ll no longer have to source your karaoke downloads elsewhere – they’re accessible through DEX 3 or LYRX weekly.

I’m here all week, folks! Remember to tip your waitresses. 😁

View the 25 karaoke songs Party Tyme added this week below. Visit this page to learn more about the commercially-legal Party Tyme Karaoke subscription service.

Access, Stream, and Download The Following Karaoke Songs Now With Party Tyme and DEX 3 or LYRX

YEAR of Release
Leave You Alone Kane Brown Country Male F major 3:29:00 English 2022
HEARTFIRST Kelsea Ballerini Country Female C major 3:06:00 English 2022
Something In The Orange Zach Bryan Country Male E minor 3:40:00 English 2022
Take My Name Parmalee Country Group G major 2:36:00 English 2021
My First Kiss 3oh!3 & Ke$Ha Dance E minor 3:13:00 English 2010
Dirty Picture Taio Cruz & Kesha R&B Male F minor 3:39:00 English 2009
I Just Call You Mine Martina McBride Country Female F# major 4:14:00 English 2009
Inconsolable Backstreet Boys Pop Male G major 3:44:00 English 2007
How Cool Is That Andy Griggs Country Male F# major 3:11:00 English 2002
They-Say Vision Res Pop Male A minor 3:43:00 English 2001
If It Makes You Happy Sheryl Crow Rock Female G major 4:37:00 English 1996
Superstar Sheryl Crow Rock Female D major 4:45:00 English 1996
Sweet Rosalyn Sheryl Crow Rock Female G major 3:51:00 English 1996
Closer To Free Bodeans Rock Male G major 3:03:00 English 1995
I Wouldn’t Be a Man Don Williams Country Male E major 3:19:00 English 1987
Lost In Emotion Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 1980s C major 5:05:00 English 1987
Sad Eyes Robert John Pop Male C major 4:08:00 English 1979
Angel In Your Arms Hot Soul F# major 2:51:00 English 1977
Too Late To Turn Back Now Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose R&B Male G major 3:14:00 English 1972
I Gotcha Joe Tex Soul Eb major 2:16:00 English 1972
Morning Has Broken Cat Stevens Pop Male C major 3:15:00 English 1971
Venus Shocking Blue Classic Rock E minor 3:00:00 English 1969
Caroline, No The Beach Boys Oldies F# major 2:15:00 English 1966
When I Grow Up (To Be a Man) The Beach Boys Oldies Ab major 2:02:00 English 1964
Catch a Wave The Beach Boys Oldies D major 2:07:00 English 1963


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