Announcement | Karaoke Cloud Pro Subscribers To Receive 20 Additional Karaoke Songs Weekly

20 New Songs Added To Karaoke Cloud Pro Each Week

DigiTrax Entertainment, makers of Karaoke Cloud and Karaoke Cloud Pro, has announced an expanded music production and distribution schedule that will add 20 new songs each week to Karaoke Cloud and Karaoke Cloud Pro throughout 2017.

“We know the working KJ is hyper-focused on song availability. That’s why we’ve committed to adding large packs of music – both new releases and high-demand classics – every week throughout 2016 and 2017,” said Joseph Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment.

“The licensing is already in place,” Vangieri added, “and we’ve risen to the challenge of quadrupling our production and distribution to satisfy the increased demand for our high-definition, full-motion karaoke videos.”

The ramp-up in production has already begun, with KJ’s right now receiving the expanded Karaoke Cloud Pro song distribution directly in Karaoki – the top karaoke program for professional KJs and karaoke venues.

“We’ve also added the Karaoke Music Trivia feed,” Vangieri noted. “We think it’s a great filler between singers that keeps your audience focused on the performances. It’s fun, engaging and more interactive than old-style filler music, and it helps undecided singers in the audience choose their next song using the power of suggestion.”

There are already more than enough Karaoke Music Trivia shorts in the Karaoke Cloud Pro feed for a full night of entertainment, with many more on the way. Current plans are to begin tailoring the trivia collections toward specific tastes in music, to help KJs better serve their particular audiences.

Vangieri also hinted that there were more surprises in store for Karaoke Cloud Pro users in the very near future.

“We’ve got a major expansion planned in 2017 for non-English singers – stay tuned for a big announcement soon,” Vangieri teased.

Karaoke Cloud Pro is available to all PCDJ Karaoki customers for only $49.99 per month (after 14-day no-commitment free trial)



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