Karaoke Software | New Features Added To Karaoki Version 0.8.5872 (And Up)

New Karaoke Software Features Found in Version 0.8.5872

For the past seven plus years it’s been Digtial 1 Audio’s collective goal to create the most user-friendly, robust professional karaoke show hosting software available. While we’re confident we have the best solution on the market today, we’re nowhere near satisfied.

Karaoki has received a steady stream of free updates since the first iteration dropped late 2007. Many times, updates consist of small tweaks to existing features or merely maintenance releases to ensure rock-solid stability. We’ve also introduced major, game-changing functionality such as SongbookDB (remote request system) support, Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription integration and a much more in-depth “fixed” rotation mode.

There has been one highly-requested, yet perceptually basic, change we hadn’t been able to work on — until now. 

Karaoki (public beta) 0.8.5872 can be downloaded below and includes a new “view mode” for the library labeled “search results.” When using this mode search results populate the middle library pane, allowing for the singer rotation list to span the entire right side library pane.  If you’re managing a 30+ singer rotation, you’re really going to enjoy the added work space!

KJs can also double-click the search box area for a larger search box – another feature that Karaoki users have requested.

When hosting karaoke “search” is a karaoke hosts biggest assistant.  The new “search results” view mode is surly a welcomed addition to one of karaoke software’s best assets.

Karaoki Build #0.8.5872.35193 Jan 2016

Added, Changed Or Fixed:
• Enabled “Double Buffering” in list redraws.
• Search Results can now be displayed in main case, when in this mode the rotation list incorporates the space previously occupied by the search results list.
• “Rotation Data” notification popup moved to new location.
• Updated Icon and Splash screen graphics
• Save and Load BGM cases dialogue boxes to size increased.



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  1. Rick Ivens
    Rick Ivens says:

    Ryan, I really like your Karaoke software it has great features and although I took some time away I am starting back with KJ gigs again. I have asked before but is it possible yet to change the order of BGM in cue? Can you drag and drop yet to rearrange the play order?

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