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Download Karaoki Beta 0.8.5865
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A new and improved Karaoki beta version is ready for download!

Karaoki (public beta) build 0.8.5865 can be downloaded below. We suggest all current Karaoki KJs to download and utilize this public beta release candidate now (You can also download the update from within Karaoki: Options -> Utilities -> Check For Update).

On Stage With Karaoki

In this latest edition of our best karaoke software to date we popped the hood and tinkering a bit with existing features, including a substantial upgrade to the Audio/Video playback engine. We had a can of Raid in hand and managed to kill a few bugs in the process. You’re welcome.

As it has been in the 7 years Karaoki has been on the market, this is a free upgrade for existing customers.

Here’s what’s new, improved and upgraded in Karaoki version 0.8.5865.21587

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:

• Unable to restore Singer Data screen if accidentally Maximized.
• Possible Non-fatal exception on start-up.
• User CD+G data manual entry not displaying in rotation.
• Possible exception when unable to open communications port.


• Upgrade AudioVideo Engine.