Karaoke Software Update | Karaoki Public Beta Version 0.8.6546 Is Ready For Download!

Download Karaoki karaoke software v0.8.6546
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Karaoki public beta version 0.8.6546 is ready for download!

A patch to last weeks public beta version 0.8.6537, version 0.8.6546 includes everything new, changed, and updated in the prior release with a few additional tweaks and one new option for Karaoki’s Background Music Player (filler music player).

In the new public beta version of our best karaoke software we’ve removed some old redundant code in the BGM player that was causing a few small bugs to crawl about and given you the option to advance or delay the point that the BGM automatically fades in after the fade out of the karaoke track. The new option is accessible on the BGM deck right click menu (access the background music player section in Karaoki by clicking the “note” button at the bottom of Karaoki’s interface, then right-click on the test “Background Music Player” to locate all BGM options).

If you’re a KJ that performs with MP4 karaoke video files and had issues finding a working video codec pack than you should try our PCDJ karaoke code pack again as some tweaks have been applied to the new beta that should provide better video codec support.

We’ve testing this new Karaoki build a bunch already and we’re excited about how well it’s performed so far. We highly suggest all existing Karaoki customers update to the new public beta now to make sure your upcoming holiday parties go off without a hosting hitch!

New, Changed And Fixed In Karaoki Beta 0.8.6546.25377

Changes/Additions Since Prior Beta:
• Removed old redundant BGM code
• Added ‘Karaoke End-Fade, BGM Start Delay Time’ option so the BGM start/fade-in at the end of a Karaoke track can be advanced or delayed

IMPORTANT NOTES: Install update with your existing version of Karaoki closed. The public beta will automatically overwrite and update your version and keep all data intact (you will not need to re-activate the software!).  If you have any issues please share them with the Karaoki user community HERE ON THE USER FORUMS


Have questions about the latest iteration of our best karaoke software solution?  Please leave them in the comments section below!