Karaoke Software Tips: Solo Artist Mode For Musicians

Karaoke software is typically designed for just that, hosting karaoke shows.  The majority of our PCDJ Karaoki customers indeed pro KJs utilizing their own karaoke music or Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription.

Over the years we’ve found a contingent of Solo Artists — musicians that play an instrument and sing solo –purchasing Karaoki to perform live with on stage. Their goal was to have on-screen lyrics to follow along and sing with while playing guitar or piano.    Since Karaoki was built for KJs, and when hosting shows singer management is paramount, the effective downside for solo artists was the requirement to type in a singers name every time they sent a song to the rotation list.

Enter “Solo Artist Mode“.

We do our best to cater to our customers essential needs to perform, so it was a no-brainer to add a third mode to the rotation list for solo artists (in addition to the default “Fixed Rotation Mode” and “List Mode).   In “Solo Artist Mode” Karaoki disables the requirement to type in a singers name with each song added to rotation, and doesn’t display “Next Singers“.    Basically, send the song to rotation and it goes right in.

A solo artist can build their song list the night before or otherwise pre-gig, so the only manual interaction with PCDJ Karaoki is clicking the “Load Next Singer” button to load the top track from the rotation list (which will delete from the list after 20 seconds, moving the next song in the list to the top, and so on).   What’s really cool is you can also use a USB foot switch pedal to map to the “Load Next Singer” button, so if the artist has their hands tied up with a guitar or keyboard it’s just a matter of tapping their foot when their ready for their next tune.

Here’s a video demonstration of the “Solo Artist Rotation Mode”

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