Karaoke Software Tips: Creating And Saving Multiple Background Music Cases

Karaoki is PCDJ’s best karaoke software solution for professional KJs and karaoke venues.   It’s featured packed, to the point where it’s tough for even us to keep track of all the new features included with each new free update.

One such feature that admittedly doesn’t have enough existing documentation is the Background Music Player.

The BGM (Background Music Player) in PCDJ Karaoki allows you to create playlists of music (cases) for automatic playback between singers and sets.  It’s buffer music, automated.   You select the playlist (case) of songs you wish to play, and click the play button at the start of your event.   That’s it.  Karaoki will continuously play through the playlist while your hosting karaoke, and when you stop the karaoke player the background buffer music will fade in.  When you then start the karaoke deck again, the background music will fade out.   It’s pretty simple, and ensures no dead air throughout your gig.

It’s just one of those nice, and lesser know features that makes PCDJ Karaoki the karaoke hosts best friend, simplifying manual interaction and complimenting the robust karaoke player feature set.

In this tutorial video below we demonstrate how to create and save multiple Background Music Cases  (AKA Playlists) in PCDJ Karaoki:


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