Karaoke Software Tip – Multiple Naming Conventions In One Case

Karaoki is PCDJ’s best karaoke software solution for KJs that need in-depth functionality, from singer and song history to supporting all the popular karaoke song naming conventions.  This latter bit is what we touch on in the video below, specifically how you can apply multiple extraction methods in each PCDJ Karaoki case, so if you don’t have continuity amongst your file names Karaoki will still display the song info in the proper fields (Artist in Artist and Title in Title etc)    

We find many of our PCDJ customers have various naming conventions amongst their karaoke file names, which is commonplace in the karaoke world since there is no adopted ‘standard’.    (Unlike in the DJ software world where everyone uses ID Tags – the popularity of Zip files for karaoke, which do not support tags, lead to file names being used by all popular karaoke software platforms)  One online store may sell karaoke music downloads labeled “DiscID – Artist – Title”  while another may have “Title – Artist” 

This video demonstrates how you can have karaoke songs with various naming conventions in one case in PCDJ Karaoki, and still have all the correct song data populate the proper fields: