Karaoke Software Tip | How-To Backup And Restore All Data In Karaoki (Video)

how to backup and restore Karaoki data

In the event catastrophe strikes and your Karaoki data is corrupted or lost don’t fret, you can restore a created backup in seconds!

Karaoki is our top karaoke software solution for pro KJs and karaoke bars and is designed to automatically store/save data for all your singers and the songs they sing. If you host karaoke using Karaoki often, over a short amount of time you will incur a significant amount of data. The created and saved data includes your cases (music lists), background music cases (for the filler music player) and singer/song history.

As every pro karaoke host knows, singer/song history data is invaluable — it’s one of the major benefits of using a karaoke program as opposed to traditional karaoke players and the ability to access a singers history and add tracks back to rotation is a massive time-saver.

While running into an issue where you need to restore your data in Karaoki should not be a common occurrence, it can happen. Improper shut down, a power spike or a corrupt file name and/or tag could corrupt the Karaoki database and prevent the data to load and display properly.  If that happens you’ll want to make sure you have a backup ready to restore on-the-fly.

In the video tutorial below I demonstrate how to quickly create a backup of all your Karaoki data, and how to restore it in the event of failure. I highly suggest Karaoki users make a new backup once a month at least to ensure your backups are current and match your most recent additions to the saved data set. This Karaoki tip is a time saver and a major stress reliever so get in the habit of creating frequent backups!

How-To Backup And Restore All Karaoki Data


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