Karaoke Software Revolution, a PCDJ Karaoki User’s Take

The KARAOKI Software Revolution

I’ve always loved people, music, and a good time where everyone is having fun together…  

That’s one of the reasons I bought my first karaoke player, along with the speakers, mixer etc…. Being able to bring that fun to people, put a smile on their face by making them the entertainment and make a career outcjnew of it just sounded like the life for me. I started out with an old CD+G player and found myself off to a good start with a lot of CDG disc’s to switch in and out of my player. But that was just the way to do it. Then, I started noticing companies selling computers with software and songs already loaded into them. However, when I did my research I found that if you did not own the CD’s it was not legal to use this music in business related situations. BUMMER!!!

So I checked out some software’s online to find out what I needed to do to make my life a little easier. I downloaded several trial offers to test out that would cost several hundred dollars to own after the trial offer was over. The trials never seemed long enough to really test out the software thoroughly.  

Then I came across PCDJ Karaoki.  I googled as many videos as I could to find out all the pros and cons of the software and how it ran. I was very impressed with all the instructional videos they had to offer so that you knew just exactly what you were purchasing and how it ran front to back before ever even downloading a single file. One of the things that really got my attention was the background music player (BGM). That avoids silence between songs at local venues. However, it’s completely optional to use the BGM. This was one of my favorite features. Karaoki also had all the best features of the other karaoke software players all in one software and then some. So seeing all that it did I was super excited to get myself a copy of this and get it into action!  And the best part…it’s only $99!  

I am so happy I did. Just as I suspected it was one of the easiest programs I’ve ever learned and did exactly what it said it would. Also, if I ever ran into a problem or a quirk I just contacted the PCDJ team and before I knew it they would have an update to fix the issue. They are always on top of any software issues and quick to respond. They are also always coming up with something new to improve an already fantastic product.

Converting CD+G to MP3 BLAH!!!

Now, the only bummer about switching over from a CD+G player to a karaoke software is that now you must convert all of your CD+G’s over to MP3+G. That was a long process, but well worth it once the job was done. Now I had my awesome software and my karaoke music exactly as I needed.

Keeping up with the competition

With all the new music that comes out it can be somewhat of an expense to keep up with what everyone wants! And to purchase a new CD every time you get a request can be next to impossible to do and still turn a profit. So you make a list and hope you can find at least several of the songs that are being requested on one CD.

pcdjkaraoki-onstage….and then! A Karaoke Miracle happens! The first Karaoke Subscription to hit the market. Karaoke Cloud Pro! Over 10,000 songs for only $99 per month! That’s a drop in the bucket for an active Karaoke Host and it’s a big push into a profitable business for someone just starting out. This was my salvation for being able to have most of everybody’s favorites in my library. You do have to keep up with the monthly subscription but it will keep the people coming back. And that’s what every Karaoke host needs to stay in business. 
Please take a moment to check out this Explore Tulsa Channel exclusive with Cynthia Jesseen and her karaoke business, featuring PCDJ Karaoki and the Karaoke Cloud Pro subscription service: http://youtu.be/ZuixdcEgWsM
Author: Cynthia Jesseen