Karaoke Software Quick Tip: Creating Custom Playlists

PCDJ Karaoki offers a wide array of features for both pro KJs and solo-artist singers.  Today we’ll show you how to generate a custom playlist (case).

If you’re new to Karaoki you may not be aware of the various rotation modes available in the karaoke software.  The Solo-Artist Mode has been designed for live performers and singers — it allows Karaoki users to send songs to the rotation list without the need for a singers name.   This tutorial on creating custom playlists in Karaoki is particularly useful for solo artists as well, as they typically like to separate their karaoke tracks into various groups (case/playlists).

As the Karaoki quick-tip tutorial video explains in detail, you simply create a new empty case – and search your files using the built in search tool.  Then all you need to do is drag-and-drop from search results into the empty case to populate it.   The case will be saved upon closing Karaoki, and there whenever you need to use it in the future.

Watch Karaoke Software Quick Tip: Creating Custom Playlists In PCDJ Karaoki