Karaoke Software: PCDJ Karaoki Update Launched

Our best karaoke software for professional karaoke hosts just got better.

The highly anticipated PCDJ Karaoki 0.8.5443 update is now available for download.  As always, this is a free update for all existing PCDJ Karaoki customers (Use the “Check For Update” function in Karaoki under utilities and install build 5437).

The complete version history list of changes and new features included in the new update are below, but the key new functionality we’re most excited about is the direct integration with SongBookDB.  If you haven’t been reading the blog to stay informed (shame on you!), you can catch up on what the SongBookDB plug in is all about HERE

We’d like to thank our users for making Karaoki our most popular karaoke software ever, and helping us grow the platform into what we feel is the most complete professional show hosting solution on the market for KJs.   Your feedback is paramount to our success, and to all the KJs that have participated in our public beta testing – a huge hats off to you!

Version History For PCDJ Karaoki 0.8.5437


  • Build #0.8.5443 Nov 28th 2014:Added:  SongbookDB plugin integration and ‘Remote Connections’ screen added.Added: ‘Remove Track Form Rotation’ option to the singer list right click menu.

    Added: ‘/lockcases’ command line switch and ‘Ctrl+Shift+W’ Key Combo that hides the ‘Min’, ‘Max’, ‘Exit’, ‘Options’, ‘Add Case’ and ‘Add Songs’ buttons.

    Change: Remote Terminal interface enhanced and moved to ‘Remote Connections’ screen.

    Change:  Small graphics tweaks.

    Change:  New method for detecting internet connection as existing method could be problematic for some users.

    Fixed:  Karaoki not reading some ID3 tags correctly.

    Fixed:  Karaoki not displaying ‘&’ on singer screen and preview display and ticker.

    Fixed:  Karaoki cutting ticker message short if it contains a carriage return, the Ticker is now limited to 250 characters.Fixed:  Preview player not working on Win 8 onwards.Fixed:  Multiplex is not compatible with Mono mode or Mono files, Added check for mono files/mono mode and a message box informing the user.


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  1. Xavier The X Man
    Xavier The X Man says:

    Man! I’m Stoked! This is working great now! Not only do you have it where I can Still use my Remote Request Station, with the added advantage of the SongbookDB Plug In, and the way it Automatically Enters Singers to the Singer Que, we now have multiple ways Singers can get their requests to us. My Hat’s Off To You All! Great Job. I’ll be doing a Special Karaoke Night and Event at one of my locations Specifically to Highlight These Newest Features! Will make sure to get you Pics and Video when I do. X-Cellent!

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