Karaoke Software PCDJ Karaoki – Developer Q&A

PCDJ created the first karaoke software program to be sold in stores in 2002.  It was a plug-in for our popular VRM DJ software line and had very humble and feature-limited beginnings.  "KJ VRM" was name of karaoke software application, and it we designed it based on countless customer requests although we truly had no idea what to expect when it hit the market.   

Now 12 years later, and our PCDJ Karaoki karaoke show hosting software solution is the top-selling professional karaoke software application globally, with distribution and customers in over 56 countries.   

One giant reason for it's increasing karaoke market success was we brought in a karaoke software developer close to 7 years ago that not only had loads of programming experience, but was a seasoned karaoke host himself.  The perfect mix. 

Please meet our lead karaoke software designer for PCDJ Karaoki, Alan Wood.  

Here's a quick Q&A with a instrumental individual behind the karaoke software evolution:

(PCDJ) Why did you get into programming/development?

(A. Wood) I’ve actual been a hardware designer and firmware (embedded software) designer for over a decade, and it is a big part of this; to test the firmware it’s not uncommon to have to write windows test applications for testing the firmware.  So that's how I got into designing software, mainly to test hardware. 

(PCDJ) Interesting, so you kinda fell into it.  What drew you to developing karaoke software?

(A. Wood) I’ve been DJing since 1983 (both mobile and club) and have been using PCDJ’s software since the late 90’s, first Red 5.x, then FX VRM, and then DEX 2. In the years when I was using FX VRM I started to use the KJ VRM plugin as I was being constantly asked to provide karaoke at events.  When the first version of DEX was released there were a number of users on the PCDJ message forum that where saying they really wanted (and needed) a Karaoke plugin for DEX, so I thought I could have a go at writing a simple (at the time) Karaoke plugin.  You (PCDJ) put me in sync with the lead developer of DEX and it was a go — I was in the karaoke software development business.

(PCDJ) Do you also do karaoke yourself?

(A. Wood) Yes, I’m still predominantly a DJ but I also host Karaoke shows with PCDJ Karaoki, of course.


(PCDJ) How has real-world karaoke show experience helped you with developing PCDJ Karaoki?

(A. Wood) It has taught me that every KJ is different, features that are very important to some KJs are complete irrelevant to others, this is why our karaoke software PCDJ Karaoki now has three rotation modes, some KJs love the simple list mode, while with others only a fixed order rotation will do.


(PCDJ) Has your work with PCDJ Karaoki been challenging?

Yes, and sometimes very frustrating, features that seem very simple at first are usually the most complicated to code and make work seamlessly.

(PCDJ) What’s your favorite feature of PCDJ Karaoki?

Hmm, difficult one…

Using the ‘Auto karaoke’ with the BGM and a remote terminal makes a good automated system for house parties, I’ve done this several times and it works really well.


(PCDJ) What’s next for Karaoki, anything in store for a future free update that’s exciting?

There are quite a few new features in the pipeline, for starters there is going to be the ability (as an option) to have the ‘next up’ singers displayed on the ticker instead of the list, and then use the space created to display animated backdrops and/or a slide show so future events can be publicized, also the news ticker will be able to support multiple messages that can be set to display at certain times during a show……

….. plus there's the MAC build that's currently being worked on. 😉


(PCDJ) Thanks Alan, and keep up the great work!  

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