Karaoki’s New “Search Results” Tab Expands Rotation List Viewing Area

Larger Rotation List in Karaoki

Viewing areas for both search results and the rotation list in our karaoke software just blew up!

Karaoki public-beta releases (0.8.5911 and up) have introduced a new “search results” option on the left hand navigation pane column in the browser (located below ‘My Library’).

Karaoke Software Search Results Tab

When clicked, the entire middle section (large karaoke track viewing area) of the Karaoki browser becomes your “search results” viewing area. When initiating broad searches you’ll be able to see, without scrolling, many more titles than in the default mode – where search results are relegated to the smaller bottom right hand viewing area.

After talking with many professional karaoke hosts we found that unless they were also solo artists, that browsing for tracks is rarely required — in fact, most suggest they never need to physically ‘see’ their karaoke music library, that ‘search’ is what’s truly important for efficiently hosting a show.

While we haven’t dumped the default Karaoki browser view, the “search results” view will surely become a KJ favorite.

The other monumental benefit of the new “search results” browser view mode?  By exclusively utilizing the middle second of the browser for search results the singer rotation list has been expanded the entire right hand side, so you can view significantly more singers at a glance without having to scroll.

We’re confidently this is a change both our existing Karaoki user community and new Karaoki KJs will welcome — just another reason why Karaoki is worlds’ best karaoke software hosting solution!