Karaoke Software | LYRX is Now Available for Windows!

LYRX Karaoke software for Windows

It’s official, LYRX is now available for Windows (7, 8, 8.1,10)!

LYRX is not your pappy’s karaoke player! Born of our flagship software DEX 3’s technology, LYRX is all about performance. Super snappy and capable of managing and searching massive libraries of music, due to it’s 64bit architecture, LYRX is already loaded with professional features such as managed singer rotation, singer/song history, key control, automatic filler music player, and much more.

New in version 1.4 (and up) is support for the Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription, a commercially legal platform designed for public performance, and the Karaoke.net store for a la carte on-the-fly purchases and downloads of HD-quality karaoke songs.

LYRX makes the perfect hosting application for pro KJS but also the ideal karaoke system for a bar.  You have all the tools to manage and host a karaoke event with ease and precision, with the added benefit of not having to seek out and purchase karaoke songs elsewhere.

Now Windows users can try the LYRX free trial and see what MAC users have been raving about over the last year. Right now LYRX is still available at the introductory price of only $79.95. That provides you with activation for three different computers, MAC and/or Windows, and FREE upgrades for life. There is no better value professional karaoke software on the market today.

A Few Key LYRX Features:

  • Karaoke player that supports MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G, and all popular video formats including MP4 (and HD quality).
  • Singer Rotation list with Managed Rotation, ability to pre-adjust key, and more.
  • Singer/Song History allows you to quickly locate singers from prior events as well as the songs they sang so you can place them back into Rotation swiftly.
  • Automatic Filler Music player will play music in between singers and sets so you eliminate dead air.
  • Key Control allows you to manually step up or down key, and you can pre-adjust key when adding singers/songs to Rotation.
  • Dynamic interface fits any 16:9 display automatically.
  • Output lyrics-only to singers display.
  • Robust Browser that can manage up to 1 million songs with lightning quick ‘search-as-you-type’.
  • Create Text, Image, And Video Overlays to display on screen (show your logo at all times with opacity and screen location options).
  • Display a video loop or image behind the “Next Singers” Screen.
  • Use “Shaders” when not hosting karaoke for on-screen visualizations.
  • Built-in Commercially-Legal Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription service means in-app access to a robust catalog of HD quality karaoke songs for $99-a-month (after 7-day free trial).
  • Purchase and download (and own) songs for only $2.49 a pop from within the LYRX browser via the new Karaoke.net Store.
  • And More – LOT’S on the way!


Have questions about the new Windows version of LYRX karaoke software? Please leave them in the comments section below!

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    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Hi Phil, while LYRX can output through a DJ controllers built-in audio interface, it’s not designed to be used with controllers. Controllers wouldn’t really offer much in the way support, since the work flow in LYRX is really “search song, add it to rotation via double-click, type in the singers name (or select from list), and click “load singer” to load/play from rotation. However, DEX 3 offers all the same karaoke features as LYRX does, but is also a full blown DJ mixing application (supports mixing music videos, too). It works with over 110 DJ controllers now. Learn more about DEX 3 Here

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