Karaoke Software: LYRX 1.10.2 Available Now!

Karaoke Software: Download LYRX 1.10.2

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest iteration of our top karaoke show hosting software – LYRX 1.10.2. As always, our commitment is to provide the best experience for professional karaoke hosts and venues, and we hope this update is a testament to that dedication.

LYRX KSR Online Songbook

No More Duplicate Entries in Singer History!

One of the standout changes included in this free update is a significant improvement in the Singer History functionality. LYRX no longer stores duplicate entries in the singer history. No duplicate entries for songs in a given singer’s history means a cleaner, more efficient experience for you.

NOTE: Duplicates will initially display in singer history. Once you re-play a song that was previously written to a singer’s history, LYRX will then remove all duplicates, leaving only the one song entry in their history.

Other Key Changes in LYRX 1.10.2 include:

  • Fixed KSR Bug: We’ve addressed the issue where users couldn’t favorite the first track in the catalog/search results. Now, every track is ready for your favorites list!
  • Small Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements: As with every update, we’ve ironed out minor bugs and enhanced the overall performance of the software, ensuring a smoother karaoke hosting experience.

In conclusion, we’re confident that LYRX 1.10.2 will elevate your karaoke hosting to new heights – download it today! We thank you for your continued trust and support.

All Updates Included in LYRX 1.10.2

  • No longer keeping song/singer duplicates in History (eg. you can type s:Singer Name in the search field to find all songs by a singer)
  • Fixed KSR bug: cannot favorite the first track in the catalog/search results
  • Small Bug Fixes and Performance improvements

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive this warning “setup_LYRX_1.10.2_mac.pkg can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software. this software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information” when installing to macOS Catalina or above, please follow the steps on Apple’s website to install LYRX.

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