Karaoke Software Pro Tip | Getting To Know Karaoki’s Keyboard Shortcuts

Karaoki Keyboard Shortcut List

Karaoki is our best karaoke player for karaoke hosts and karaoke bars that demand all the tools to host a professional and unforgettable karaoke night.

Available now for 8 years, Karaoki is the tool of choice for thousands of KJs across 57 countries. The depth of karaoke-specific functionality runs deep, so much so that some features may be missed if you’re not reviewing the documentation and tutorial videos.

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A new Karaoki customer asked me yesterday if there was a keyboard shortcut she could use to pause the background (filler) music player. Honestly, I didn’t know. I had to dig out the keyboard shortcut list. To my surprise not only was a keyboard shortcut available for pausing the BGM, but there were a few other key commands I didn’t know existed. We’re talking me here, someone that’s worked intimately with Karaoki for the past 8 years.

If I didn’t know about some of the commands than I’m sure some customers would benefit from posting them here on the blog.

So here you go, all the Karaoki keyboard shortcuts in one place.  Put down the mouse and use these key commands for swifter access to key features!

Karaoki Keyboard Shortcut List

Karaoki Key Command List
Ctrl + KeyValueFunction
b2Fade To Stop
d4Pause BGM Player
f6Load And Play Next BGM Track
g7Shuffle BGM Player Tracks
i9Load Next Singer in Rotation List (same as load next singer button)
k11Load and Play Selected Track
n14Auto Cue and Play
o15Pause Karaoke
p16Play Karaoke
q17Incremental Selection In List
s19Start BGM Player
t20Load Selected Track
u21Load and Play Selected Track, Incremental Selected Track Position
v22Paste Into Search Box From Clipboard
w23Decrement Selection In List
Ctrl + Shift + KeyValueFunction
IShow Configuration Screen
OHide Min, Max, Exit and Options Button (console mode)
PWhen Hidden Restores Min, Max, Exit and Options buttons
QQuit Karaoki
WHide Add Cases, Add Songs, Min, Max, Exit and Options buttons (console mode)


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