Karaoke Software | New Karaoki Beta Version Available For Download

A new Karaoki Beta version is available for download.

This latest iteration of Karaoki, our karaoke software hosting solution designed for professional karaoke host and venues, includes a handful of new additions such as a larger search box area (which can be accessed by simply typing on your keyboard, no need to click into the box first), an option to print out a track list while in solo artist mode, updated audio and video engine, a few new prompts to improve usability, a smattering of graphics changes and various bug fixes and overall performance improvements.

All Karaoki users are welcomed to download and try the new release, which you can access in Karaoki under:  Options -> Utilities -> Check for Update.  You will see the new Beta 0.8.5735 available for download and installation.   If you’re not happy with the Beta’s performance you can roll back to the public release under ‘Check For Update‘.

All Changes And Updates Included In Karaoki Build #0.8.5735

Bug Fixes/ Potential Fixes:
• Potential hang when upgrading from older builds.
• Singer data screen TAB order.
• When adding track to rotation from history, the the QTY always displayed ‘0’.
• Updated Audio/Video engine.
• Intermittently unable to delete singer from Rotation.

• User prompted to save singer data when starting a new or loading existing show.
• Option to print out track list when in solo mode.
• Functionality added to remote connections/plugin interface for future plugin development.
• Prompt box to save singers data when removing them from the show or starting a new show.

• Start-up Flash screen sequence.
• Search Box re-sized (larger typing area).
• Graphical Changes to screens.


If you find any issues running the new karaoke software Beta version, we’d love to hear from you. Please post any issues and/or suggestions on the PCDJ community forum in THIS THREAD