Karaoke Software | Karaoki Public Beta 0.8.6238 Is Available For Download

Download Karaoki Public Beta 0.8.6238

Download and try the Karaoki 0.8.6238 public beta version below

A new public beta version for our best karaoke software, Karaoki, is available for download. As a “public beta”, version 0.8.6238 has been tested in-house significantly and is now ready for you to take it for a test spin in the field.

Our karaoke program design team has busted out the industrial size can of raid to rid the code of a few pesky bugs that were in the previous public beta release version 0.8.6064. Thus this beta release of Karaoki isn’t so much about what’s new (a few ‘new’ features are coming in our next public beta schedule to be released soon) but rather fine-tuning what’s already there to ensure stable, problem free hosting.

Quite a few new features were released with the previous Karaoki public beta, including the new ‘search results’ view of the library, the new search engine, updated A/V engine and underlying support for the upcoming KaraoQ and KaraoQ360 integration (a modern, remote song request system and marketing platform that’s sure to disrupt the status-quo). That was a lot of ‘new’, and development has meticulously reviewed the code to ensure better stability and performance.

With that in mind we highly recommend all existing Karaoki KJs take the new beta out to their next karaoke hosting gig and test drive it. We think you’ll find the suspension tweaking we’ve done will provide a smoother, more enjoyable ride for you and your singers. As previously noted be sure to keep tabs on the PCDJ blog as the next Karaoki public beta will include a few new features we know you’re gonna love!

What’s Changed In Karaoki Beta 0.8.6238

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements – lots of ’em!

IMPORTANT NOTES: Install update with your existing Karaoki version closed. The software will automatically overwrite and update your version and keep all data intact (you will not need to re-activate the software or re-import your music!).  If you experience issues with build 0.8.6238 please share them with the Karaoki user community HERE ON THE USER FORUMS

Have questions about the new public beta of our best karaoke software?  Please leave them in the comments section below and we’ll respond soon!


4 replies
    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Fran, as noted in the article the purpose of this particular beta is about fixing bugs and improving performance. It fixes the bugs reported in the previous public beta version 0.8.6064 (which did include various new features). It’s considered a ‘maintenance release’. We plan to release a new beta in a couple weeks with a few new features (I do not think background music player support for videos has been added yet, however). Stay tuned!

  1. John Neilsen
    John Neilsen says:

    Hi Ryan. Just a suggestion for a new release would be to improve the visibility of the little ticks in the boxes of a singers song choice menu. With the boxes being so small and the ticks are orange it can be very hard to see which songs are actually loaded. I would suggest instead of a tick in the box if a song is loaded into their play list it should have the corresponding number next to it and bold enough to see it.

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks John, you are referring to the tic boxes in the singer data screen? Just making sure. The higher your screen resolution the smaller those little tic boxes appear, but those are good suggestion for the wishlist!

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