Karaoke Software | New Karaoki Beta 0.8.5895 Is Available For Download

karaoke software version 0.8.5895

A new Karaoki Beta Version is now available for download.

Karaoki Beta 0.8.5895 has just been published for download (link below). In this latest iteration of our best-selling karaoke software we’ve broken out the raid can to eradicate a couple pesky bugs, as well as introduced a brand new ‘search system’ we believe KJs are going to appreciate.


Here are some of the notable changes in Karaoki Beta 0.8.5895:

Search System:
  • As previously noted, this Karaoki beta build has a new ‘search system’: When you initially launch this new build of Karaoki the software will build a ‘search database’. After the search database has bee built, we invite you to try using ‘search’ again. On our test machines here at PCDJ HQ search results propagate about twice as quick as the old search system in previous releases.

    If you experience any issues with the upgraded search system you can switch back to the old search system: You notice a new ‘Use Legacy Search’ button under Karaoki’s ‘Search Options’ preferences screen that allows you to switch back.

  • Also added is a button to ‘Rebuild the search database’. However, KJs should never need to use this feature as the database automatically updates with any changes as you add/remove or edit data in the cases.
Graphics Changes:
  • A few tweaks have been made to the default Karaoki GUI: You will notice that the on the default Karaoki skin that the ‘Screen 2’ button has been relocated to the bottom bar next to the options button, and the text on buttons on the far right of the bottom bar have been replaced by intuitive icons.
  • Mouse-over tool-tips will now display the text in the chosen language providing its in the language file for the selected language.
Other Changes And Updates:
  • Now, on the ‘Add or Select Singer’ popup window, pressing enter when a singers name is selected or a new singer is added has the same function as clicking on the OK button.
  • Also changed is if the artist field isn’t populated in your library you no longer have the leading ‘-‘ in the rotation list or db, which could previous cause an error in the singer database. Now all leading ‘- ‘ are now stripped out when the data is written to the db or list.
  • Double buffering (a feature that assists with performance on machines with lower end graphics cards) can now be enabled/disabled with an option on the config screen. By default it’s now switched OFF.
  • Many other under-the-hood performance improvements are included.

We want your feedback!  Please join in the beta discussion here on the PCDJ user forum