Karaoke Software | How-to Use the Karaoke Subscription with LYRX (Video Overview)

In the video tutorial above, we demonstrate how to use the commercially-legal Party Tyme Karaoke Subscription service with LYRX — modern karaoke software designed for today’s KJ.

Party Tyme Karaoke provides a legal karaoke subscription service with access to over 16,000 karaoke songs (at the time of this blog post) with additional karaoke songs added frequently. Baked right in the LYRX browser, KJs can search, stream, and even download the karaoke catalog for offline use without ever leaving the LYRX interface. The karaoke files are provided in HD Video format, so they sound and look great, at any resolution.

You can learn more about LYRX and download a free trial at LYRXKaraoke.com