Karaoke Software for MAC | LYRX Version Now Available for Download

LYRX v1.2.0.1 is ready for download

LYRX, karaoke software for MAC, may be the new kid on the karaoke block — but it’s unique, modern, and DJ-centric design is already disrupting the status quo.

The prior 1.2 LYRX update introducing a smattering of professional features users we’re requesting, and the new update further fine tunes a few of them. Our development team cracked a beer, popped the hood, and did some tinkering.

LYRX karaoke player for MAC

The new update to LYRX is free for existing users and includes tweaks to the filler music player, introduces and auto cuing option that can turn on or off auto cue, and includes a few performance improvement and minor bug fixes.

LYRX users should update to now — simply download and install using the button below with your existing version closed for a seamless patch directly over-top. All of your existing settings, lists, and singer/song history will remain intact.

Here’s What’s New, Changed, and Updated in LYRX Version

  • Automatic filler music player starts immediately when the karaoke player stops (no more pause/silence inbetween)
  • Added auto cuing options in the Preferences window (disabling auto cue in options means the loaded/played karaoke track will not start at the very first ‘sound’, but at the true start of the track (silence before the track starts will no longer be skipped)
  • Other minor performance improvements and bug fixes

UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS: Download and install version with your existing version closed to update automatically (install over-top)


Have questions about the new version of LYRX karaoke software for MAC?  Please leave them in the comments section below!