Karaoke Software for MAC | LYRX v1.3.0.1 is Ready for Download

LYRX Karaoke software for MAC update

LYRX karaoke software for MAC version is available for download (Scroll Down).

Version is a maintenance release designed to optimize LYRX support for macOS Mojave and put the proverbial boot to a couple of related bugs. External disks will now display properly under ‘Finder’ in LYRX.

If you’re using macOS Mojave you will want to update your copy of LYRX now for the best possible karaoke show hosting experience. Simply download from the link below and install with your existing LYRX version closed for a seamless patch right over-top.

Note: Another update is scheduled soon for LYRX that includes new features. Please be on the lookout for another update email soon!

New, Changed, and Fixed in LYRX v1.3.0.1

  • Better macOS Mojave compatibility
  • Fixed external disks not showing on macOS
  • Small performance improvements and bug fixes


Have questions about the latest version of our karaoke software for MAC?  Please leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Jess Spiers
    Jess Spiers says:

    Thanks for starting to put more focus on Lyrx. I got my mom a Mac to make things easier for her and when I did that, we had to find a solution for accessing my dad’s 250k song Karaoke library on her computer. My dad has a number of Karaoke programs he uses on the PC, which my mom also used before her Mac. I use a Mac for everything but gaming myself so we searched for a good karaoke program that my mom could use. Lyrx was pretty rough when we first bought it, but it has come a long way and we appreciate the focus and updates on an application that seems like a pet-project compared to the rest of your suite. =)

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jess! We’ve added a lot to LYRX over the last two updates, with 1.3 being a pretty major update. So you know, LYRX is basically DEX 3 (pro), but includes only the karaoke features and none of the DJ/video mixing capabilities. Thus, anytime DEX 3 receives improvements and upgrades on the karaoke side of things, so will LYRX. It’s far from a ‘pet project’ with this in mind. It’s our goal to make sure LYRX competes with all professional karaoke show hosting solutions on features and innovation, so by no means are we done, or ignoring it. But there are only so many hours in a day 😉

      • Jess Spiers
        Jess Spiers says:

        Awesome! I have definitely seen the added goodies, especially with 1.3. I didn’t know that about Lyrx and DEX 3 (Pro) but it makes sense, especially from a developer standpoint. If you all have a Beta Channel for any of your Mac compatible software, I’d be happy to help smash bugs. I don’t do Karaoke or DJing in any kind of professional capacity, but I do love to help devs when I can. I definitely understand “only so many hours in a day,” especially when it comes to development.

        • Ryan Sherr
          Ryan Sherr says:

          Thanks for the offer! Shoot me an email and I’ll see about adding you to future beta testing projects. It’s good to understand how customers of all types get along with our various products for MAC – not just the pros!

          • Jess Spiers
            Jess Spiers says:

            Awesome! I’m not seeing a direct email address for you anywhere. I’m not sure if you have access to the email address that I put into the reply form here on your blog, but if you do, that’s my normal email address. You can definitely reach me there. I’m more than willing to Beta PC software too. Below you will find the specs for my primary computers:

            8th Gen i7-8700k
            16gb DDR4 Ram – 3200mhz
            500gb NVMe M.2 Drive
            NVIDIA GTX 1070, 8gb GPU

            iMac (2017)
            i7 4.2gHz (Assuming Apple used a 7700k, but no telling)
            16gb Ram (DDR4 2400mhz)
            500gb PCIe Solid State (assuming it’s an M.2, considering how fast it is)

            Whatever you all might need, I’m happy to help with. Just let me know.

          • Ryan Sherr
            Ryan Sherr says:

            I have your email address, indeed. I will reach out to you. Both machine’s you’re running are more than solid; I’m sure they’ll get the job done!

  2. Jf boivin
    Jf boivin says:

    I wanted to know if you are planning on releasing a french version?

    And if you planned on putting an autoplay mode to automatically change karaoke songs?

    • Ryan Sherr
      Ryan Sherr says:

      When you refer to a “French Version” – do you mean the text on the software interface and in options? The browser (library) already supports French text etc. Just making sure! We do not have plans to do this right now however. LYRX is a light version of DEX 3, and DEX 3 has auto-play. Typically speaking, at least in our experience, when hosting karaoke there is always some time between songs (one singer/group exits the stage, the other singer/group steps on stage, etc). However, we have had a few requests for auto-play of some sort for the singer rotation list, we are considering it.

  3. Desmond
    Desmond says:

    Do you think LYRX will ever have support for songbookdb, or remote requests of any kind, I would love to switch to a program I can use on Mac

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