Basic Karaoke Software For MAC | Beta Testers Needed!

Our professional karaoke software Karaoki will make the move to the MAC platform later this year – it’s the most popular karaoke software globally, and MAC support will make a lot of KJs using Karaoki very happy.

Karaoke Software For MAC LYRX

Today we announce a soon-to-be-released basic karaoke software for MAC that’s designed for “prosumer” or home use.  Karaoke software for MAC is sparse, with only a couple basic MAC karaoke products on the market.   With our new karaoke software for MAC platform we hope to infuse the marketplace with a fun-to-use and — better — option.


Introducing LYRX – Karaoke Software Exclusively Designed For MAC

Our new LYRX karaoke software product is based on the karaoke engine we created for the DEX 3 and RED Mobile 3 platforms, and includes a simple singers list, key control, native support for MP3+G, Zipped MP3+G and almost all video formats including HD MP4 files.

Since LYRX designed or home use we’ve included MIC support built right in, and the ability to record your vocals on top of the playing audio – so you can share with friends.


Here’s a list of what’s currently possible in LYRX:

LYRX Supports These High-Quality Karaoke File Types:
  • MP3+G
  • Zipped MP3+G
  • All Video Karaoke Files Such as MP4, AVI, DIVX and Flash (Including HD Versions!)
  • You can also play standard video files and audio tracks: mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, ogg, cda, flac and more! (Non DRM)
  • iTunes Playlists are also automatically imported!
Send Lyrics Output To Secondary Display (Full Screen)

Using Extended Desktop Mode on your MAC allows you to send the lyrics to a secondary display or projector – full screen!  This allows you to work with LYRX on your main display, while singers view the lyrics only on the second display.

Robust Music File Browser With Lightning-Quick Search

The LYRX browser will allow you to import and easily manage over 1,000,000 files. Import folders from your hard drive to nest as favorites, add all to a master database list or create user playlists as you wish.  Search-as-you-type to locate songs immediately to send to rotation or load into the LYRX deck.

Simple Singers List

Double-click any track in your LYRX library to instantly send it to rotation. You’ll receive a prompt to type in a singers name — which will then appear in the singers list next to the song title.  You can drag and drop to re-arrange your singer order, and simple click the LOAD NEXT SINGER button to load the top song from the singers list into the LYRX deck to play.

Next Singers Display

While the deck is idle and not playing a karaoke or video file, LYRX will display your next three singers from the top of the singers list on the preview screen (main display) and your secondary singers display. This informs your singers who’s next, so you you can avoid any potential questions about who’s turn it is to sing next.

MIC Support With Recording

Use the microphone input on your audio interface to sing over top the playing audio in LYRX – you’ll hear it through your speakers along with the audio from the playing karaoke track.  Record your mixed-output performance to share with friends! (If you’re not using a dedicated Audio Card with a microphone input then you can create a ‘virtual audio device’ on your MAC for Mic Support)


Open-Call for LYRX Beta Testers

LYRX karaoke for MAC icon

LYRX is Digital 1 Audio’s first foray into the karaoke for MAC space, our usual beta team isn’t the best fit so we’re posting and open-call to beta test LYRX.

Beta testing will be first come first serve, and anyone willing to assist in reporting issues will receive a free copy and likely some other goodies in return.

If you’re interesting in beta testing LYRX — Karaoke Software For MAC — please fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you soon with instruction!


UPDATE: LYRX Karaoke Software For MAC is now available for purchase HERE