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Each month we plan to highlight one PCDJ DJ Software user and one Karaoke Software user, and their business.  

Meet Cynthia Jesseen of Tulsa Karaoke DJ Nights located in Tulsa Oklahoma, a PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software and Karaoke Cloud Pro user for the last two years. 

Cynthia has specialized in hosting karaoke for nearly a decade, and has recently added DJ services to her repertoire (She uses our PCDJ RED Mobile 2 DJ software).   She's a one-woman show with an outgoing and engaging personality her clients gravitate to — which has helped her secure regular karaoke gigs at some of the trendiest karaoke venues in town.

PCDJ:  Why did you choose PCDJ Karaoki karaoke software for your Karaoke business?

Karaoke Singers

CJ:   I like the options available with PCDJ Karaoki. Such as the BGM (Background Music Player), Music Store and KCP (Karaoke Cloud Pro) Subscription Service. It's a very easy to use karaoke software. Simple enough to figure out easily but not so simple it doesn't have plenty of the options us KJ's love to have.

PCDJ:  What tip would you give to other Pro KJs?

CJ:   Always make sure you're up to date with your karaoke software (Note: PCDJ Karaoki is updated often). Also keep yourself up to date with all of the laws and restrictions on Karaoke Song usage rights. This can be confusing so I recommend converting (one-for-one) your own legally purchased karaoke CDG discs along with getting a subscription to the Karaoke Cloud Pro, which is built into this amazing karaoke software.

Other than that know your crowd so you can keep your shows interesting for them. Have contests and mix your shows up with the holidays or any other special events.  Have contests where guests dress up like their favorite singers and sing their songs or have an Idol competition. Some venues will participate with you by offering prizes such as shots or dinner vouchers. Whatever you do make it fun and get creative. I could go on and on but when it all boils down…you have a great job ENJOY IT! 

CJ:   I also want to add in that the customer service from PCDJ for their karaoke software is always quick to respond and great at resolving any problems that may come up. This is not just software that you download online and hope for the best. This is a "Full Service" DJ Software and KJ Software Company. 

(Cynthia was recently featured on the "Explore Tulsa" TV show, give it a watch HERE )


Learn more about Cynthia Jesseen and Tulsa Karaoke And DJ Nights at https://www.facebook.com/TulsaKaraokeNights

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