Karaoke Software Feature Preview: SlideShow And Adverts

Every now and then we like to throw our DJ and karaoke software users a bone; a preview of a new feature soon to be available in a free update.

This highly-requested feature will soon be available in PCDJ Karaoki, our best karaoke software solution for karaoke hosts that require professional singer and show management.   Introducing “Slide Show”, with additional benefits.

Introducing The Karaoki Slide Show Feature

The upcoming Slide Show feature will allow you to place your own images, animated GIF’s and even videos (minus sound) on the lyrics output screen in between singers and sets.

The uses are plentiful, including advertisements for the venue (drink specials etc), adverts for local businesses (you can sell ad space!), trivia games or just something visually pleasing while you play background music.

If you look closely at the screen capture you’ll notice another nice bonus; the ability to show your next singer list on the news ticker across the bottom of the screen – while the lyrics are scrolling.

We expect the Slide Show feature to roll out in the next Karaoki beta, so keep checking the blog as we’ll release a public beta for all to play pre-release!