Karaoke Software | Download and Try Karaoki Public Beta Version 0.8.6836

Download Karaoki Update

A new public beta of Karaoki is available for download (download via the button below).

PCDJ’s top karaoke software for Windows for the last decade, the new 0.8.6836 Karaoki public beta squashes a few known bugs in the prior public beta (Version 0.8.6546) and includes tweaks to other existing features.

Largely a maintenance release, Karaoki version 0.8.6836 is all about laying a solid foundation to the current feature-set in order to prepare for new functionality — including forthcoming support for the modern remote singer/song request system from our friends at karaoQ.

We invite existing Karaoki users to update to version 0.8.6836 straight away. Our team has already tested the new release thoroughly in-house and haven’t found any performance related issues.  However, if you do run into any problems (or have suggestions!) please share them with the community on the PCDJ Facebook User Group. Enjoy!

New, Changed And Fixed In Karaoki Beta 0.8.6836

Changes/Additions Since Prior Beta:

  • Fixed Error/exception when using ‘Auto Karaoki’ and singer ‘On Break’
  • Removed ‘Karaoke Cloud Store’ (a new in-app store will be available at a later date)
  • Fixed “Unable to Remove Track from Case” bug
  • Changed z-order to stop pop-ups being hidden by other forms.
  • Fixed ‘Edit track -> Remove track(s)’ function
  • Changes for New KaraoQ API  (support forthcoming)
  • Updated SynQ
  • Various other Small bug fixes

IMPORTANT NOTES: Install update with your existing version of Karaoki closed. The public beta will automatically overwrite and update your version and keep all data intact (you will not need to re-activate the software!).  If you have any issues please share them on the PCDJ Facebook User Group


Have questions about the latest iteration of our karaoke software solution?  Please leave them in the comments section below!